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Parish Plan Questionnaire

Parish Plan Questionnaire


Preparations are going very well for the Parish Plan. As you are aware it is due to be published to coincide with the parish meeting, open to all residents, in March 2012.

To enable the committee to truly involveALLthe villagers and let everyone have a real say in how we plan for the next 5 years we will be issuing a comprehensive questionnaire to every household in Cameley during November. Of course before you can issue any survey you have to have questions and that’s where we are asking for your help. We need to know he sorts of questions you would like to see reflected on our questionnaire and would welcome suggestions to cover a wider sphere as possible.

So, if you think we ought to ask about Traffic, housing, allotments, business, shops, playing fields or the village hall let us know. Send your ideas and questions to: If you haven’t got an internet connection please drop them to my home, 26 Meadway. These are just a few suggestions, you may well have your own; you may be young or older, able or not so able bodied, you may have lived here all your life or just the past year. Everyone has a right to be heard and everyone will be.

That is my promise as Chairman of the Parish Plan Committee. Thank you.