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Co-option Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Temple Cloud with Cameley Parish Council. We have a vacancy that may be filled by co-option. This means the Parish Council will consider your application and vote at the Parish Council meeting to co-opt you as a new member. Please check the qualification requirements at the bottom of this form and then fill in these details to introduce yourself to the Parish Council. These details will be shared with the Parish Council Clerk and Councillors. You will be invited to attend the Parish Council meeting to meet the current members and present your application with a short discussion.

Personal Information: Please introduce yourself and details why you consider you would be the best candidate for the vacancy. Points you may like to cover include your connection with the Parish, membership of any community groups, voluntary work within the Parish or elsewhere, particular interests relating to the Parish.

Please detail any skills or experience you have that may be relevant to the Parish Council. This may be professional, and might include any you may have from other things you are involved with:

Please confirm by ticking:

For the whole of the 12 months prior to this application :


Please note that under Section 80 of the Local Government Act 1972 a person is disqualified from being elected as a Local Councillor or being a member of a Local Council if he/she:

a) holds any paid office or employment of the local council (other than the office of Chairman) or of a joint committee on which the Council is represented; or

b) is a person who has been adjudged bankrupt or has made a composition or arrangement with his/her creditors (but see below); or

c) has within five years before the day of election, or since his/her election, been convicted in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man of any offence and has been sentenced to imprisonment (whether suspended or not) for not less than three months without the option of a fine; or

d) is otherwise disqualified under Part III of the Representation of the People Act 1983 for corrupt or illegal practices. This disqualification for bankruptcy ceases in the following circumstances: –

  • i) if the bankruptcy is annulled on the grounds that either the person ought not to have been adjudged bankrupt or that his/her debts have been fully discharged;
  • ii) if the person is discharged with a certificate that the bankruptcy was caused by misfortune without misconduct on his/her part;
  • iii) if the person is discharged without such a certificate.

In (i) and (ii) above, the disqualification ceases on the date of the annulment and discharge respectively. In (iii), it ceases on the expiry of five years from the date of discharge.