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  • Local plan keep our village from further development.

    Thanks for the newsletter and local residents posting items through the door, and the parish council and items on the local plan.
    Having taken time to respond to Banes, I thought I would share the main points that I highlighted with other residents, should they wish to also add comments online before 7th January. This is the actual link where I posted my comments I will share below

    Residents need to try and spend a few minutes making their concerns known

    The text in this section is misleading it states …
    “The alternate approach would be to distribute the growth across a wider (but still limited) range of settlements.
    This would result in fewer dwellings at each location.”
    Yet on Diagram 5 for temple cloud and clutton it states a potential figure of 200 homes.
    But in another diagram it is a lot less with 50 homes for temple cloud and surrounding villages.
    Both Bishop Sutton, Temple cloud and clutton have already had significant housing developments over past few years. Logically why should we get more homes proposed in a small village compared to midsomer norton getting 100 less (100 in Total) Why should two small villages get the same amount of development proposed as large sites ? Logically and infrastructure wise that proposal simply does not stack up to increase a small village with further larger housing developments.
    Certainly for Temple Cloud which this village has already seen substantial growth and redevelopment into fields previously used by local residents for recreation.
    Temple Cloud School has not been redeveloped and nor have other infrastructure type items to cope with an influx of new residents.
    I often have to travel to West harptree surgery as Cameley surgery is already full. It is extremely difficult to get a same day appointment unless an “emergency”.
    Temple Cloud has been identified as having poor air quality. The plan states this “Cumulative effects in developing sites may unacceptably increase traffic levels on the A37 with a resultant impact on air quality” So why is there even a proposal to develop further housing which will then lower the ar quality furter and lead residents into a poorer quality of health. We already have levels similar to central london.

    Traffic on the A37 is extremely busy already, not helped by the fact our residents can no longer get to Bath on a regular basis by public transport.

    Pulling out in vehicle onto the A37 from a side road is getting extremely difficult and dangerous without an influx of new homes adding additional transport. The A37 is a deadly road as proved by the money spent to improve and reduce deaths on a small stretch of road.

    I personally feel we need to restrict any further development in temple cloud and surrounding small villages. Can there not be a concentration on Brown field sites in the cities for workers, or where there are good transport service for workers.

    Increasing traffic on the A37 will add additional danger to residents. Trying to walk down to the surgery or cross the road to walk down to the book barn is like taking your own life in your hands.
    I saw an emergency services vehicle at a stand still last week due to two lorries blocking each end of the road. The pavements are thin in temple cloud and large lorries speed into our village with little regard to those people trying to enjoy all the hard work done by temple cloud in boom residents.

  • The footpath in front of the garage forecourt is almost impossible to pass these days.
    We frequently have parked cars, along with obstructive advertising signs blocking the pavement.
    Pedestrians are forced to walk onto the forecourt, sometimes encountering moving vehicles, sometimes unable to pass at all due to parked vehicles.
    Due to the location of the pedestrian crossing, there is no safe alternative route.
    Having spoken to other residents, I know this is causing concern and inconvenience.

    What are the PC’s views?

    Are the existing highway regulations appropriate and being followed, could this simply be an enforcement matter?
    Would it be possible to install bollards or perhaps even raised flower troughs to prevent cars parking and keep the footpath clear?
    Many thanks.

    • Dear Dan,

      Thank you for your message. I have recently been contacted by a resident reporting the same issues and as a result I have raised with the BANES Council Traffic Management and Safety Team on behalf of the Parish Council to ask for further advice. The Parish Council also discussed the matter and residents shared the same concerns during the public participation session of the most recent Parish Council Meeting which took place on Wednesday 18th July 2018. The Parish Council are keen to find out more from BANES Council Officers who are experts in these matters and I will post a further update as soon as I have more information.

      Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact the Parish Council to raise these issues.

      Jenny, Parish Clerk

  • I am a resident in Hallatrow and am a regular user of the A37 through Temple Cloud. I have now had a number of near misses travelling north through the narrow section of road just north of Camely Surgery. Large trucks travelling south are being forced across the road owing to the growth on bushes, hedges and trees belonging to properties on the down side of the road. Is there any action in place to instruct these property owners to cut back these trees?

    • Dear Steve,

      Thank you for contacting the Parish Council. I will make enquiries and look into this matter further. We have also reported overgrown bushes that were causing an obstruction to pedestrians crossing the road earlier in the month to B&NES Council. I will put a further update on the website once I know more.

      Thank you again for raising this with the Parish Council,
      Jenny (Parish Clerk).

  • Can you give any up to date news on the critical traffic pollution levels in the narrows on A37 reported a few months saying the levels are worse than London, , The village children use this route on foot for school day in day out, everyone that uses the footpath are putting there health at risk with such high levels being reported,
    Also if new speed signs are being installed please can there be one at the top by the old court as well as the bottom by the surgery the speeds going up and down the hill on A37 are rediculace at times ,

    • Dear John,

      Thank you for getting in touch.

      I can provide an update on the pollution issue. B&NES Council are slightly behind in their original timeline for the consultation with residents and declaration of the air quality management area for Temple Cloud due to an additional focus on Bath. B&NES Council decided to appoint a dedicated resource for the A37 villages and I have just been informed that a new member has just been appointed to join the Environmental Monitoring team. This role will be to work with communities along the A37 about air quality issues and one of the first tasks will be to deliver the public consultation regarding the air quality management area in Temple Cloud. It is anticipated that the new B&NES Council member of staff will be in post mid-November and the consultation will be one of their first task. The initial date from the additional pollution monitors indicate that there are no additional issues along Cameley Road or Temple Inn Lane. The pollution levels reported are of course a concern and once the new member of staff is in post I will invite them to the Parish Council Meeting to come and speak to residents.

      In terms of the vehicle activated speed signs the sign rationalisation project will likely feature on the November Parish Council Meeting agenda for the Parish Council to consider final costings. I will pass your message to the Working Party who are progressing this project so that they know you have been in touch about this.

      Thank you again for contacting the Parish Council with your views. Jenny, Parish Clerk.

      • Thanks Jenny for the responses to both my questions last month your enthusiasm In your replys are both reassuring and resfreshing to myself and fellow villagers . there seems to be momentum gathering in this past year with new editions to the parish council bringing in a much needed new lease of life ! And good luck to you in your new position with the re-opening of the pub and this new positive approach it can only bring good to the village of temple cloud and the friendly villagers that live here.long overdue !

  • Dear Chair,

    PATHWAY Opposite Temple Inn Lane, Connecting the A37 to the SW area of Temple Cloud
    Thank you for keeping this pathway open to pedestrians over past years. However, it is currently almost impassable due to overgrowth. May I request that this be rectified.

    Kind Regards’

    John Duddy,
    14 Molly Close

    • Dear John,

      Thank you for your message. Are you referrring to the footpath which runs from the Main road to Molly Close? If so, this footpath has now been cut back. If this is not the correct footpath, please can you contact me on 07902 906993 or by email so that I can progress the matter further?

      Many Thanks,

      Parish Clerk.

  • Hi. I would like to make a complaint about the RAC van which is parked in Temple Inn lane, very close to the junction with Meadway.As it’s a large vehicle, it totally blocks the view to the left when trying to pull out of Meadway, and just this evening I almost collided with a car coming along temple Inn lane ( which admittedly was probably exceeding the speed limit) because I just couldn’t see. As an RAC employee, I would imagine that they are not unaware of the hazard they are creating and it can only be a matter of time before an accident happens.

  • Hi Cameley PC,

    Is there any news on the planning situation regarding the “Barn” at Temple Bridge. There are people staying in it overnight and as I understand it they are not allowed to use it as a dwelling. The last position was that the PC had contacted BaNES and so had Cllr Warren but no response from BaNES. Can we have an update please?


  • Hi
    My comment from November 9th 2015 got no response from the parish council. I am commenting again because, as we are all aware, the housing development has begun on Temple Inn Lane. Aside from the poor design and materials used in these houses, they seem to have no gardens and little parking.
    It also seems that the pub development is going to happen at the same time, coupled with the already terrible overuse of the lane thanks to the Trident industrial estate traffic. Now the Post office has moved to the garage, creating more traffic with nowhere to park. This situation is becoming ludicrous and more dangerous by the day.
    The developments shouldn’t have been permitted by central govt, but now they have, surely the work needs to be staggered rather than all at once? The garage is already seeing loss of petrol sales due to passing traffic seeing how congested the garage is and driving on to the next garage for their petrol. Pensioners have nowhere close to park to use the PO. The A37 gets busier and more pressure has been put on the Temple Inn turning. This is before 70 new families move in to the new houses!! Is it going to take an accident before this situation is noticed? I’ve never seen such bad planning and organisation.
    Solutions – trident estate needs their own access following the old railway line from Hallatrow.
    The two ridiculously placed developments need their works to be staggered, not simultaneous.

    One last point. Every couple of weeks I collect a bagful of rubbish cleaning up the lower part of Temple Inn Lane. The litter has increased as the Trident works has grown. Oakus drivers have been seen throwing litter out their vans, and someone throws a beer can out into the hedge every day. I call the council once a month to clear fly tipping from the Layby at the bottom of the lane. Something needs to be said in a general way to the business’s at the trident works about litter. I grew up in the area and find it really sad that the once beautiful Marsh Lane is now a litter filled rat run. Bad planning again.
    Could someone respond to these points please.

    • Dear Jane,

      I am sorry that this is the first instance I have seen your comments sent to the website. I have checked and it appeared to be overloaded with spam emails, in addition there are no previous comments on the website awaiting approval from yourself.

      First of all, thank you for taking the time to write to the Parish Council I want to assure that you that these comments will be passed to the full Parish Council at the next Parish Council on Wednesday 14th December 2016. If you are able, please come along. Residents and villagers are always welcome.

      In the meantime, I shall try to address the concerns you raise in turn.

      In terms of the design, this is something that went through the Planning consultation process so the Parish Council responded to the consultation process at the time. I understand that both developments have increased traffic significantly and also impacted upon parking.

      As you mentioned, the second development has now started on Temple Inn Lane on the site of the old Public House. Concerns have been raised to the Parish Council over both start times and delivery times and the Parish Council have asked for consistency across the two developments given that a sensible arrangement has been made with the David Wilson Homes Site. Here is a copy of the correspondence made with BANES council and the proposed arrangement.

      Parish Council correspondence to BANES:

      A number of residents have approached the Parish Council with concerns following commencement of works at the above site. I understand there is not an agreed traffic management plan as yet.

      You will appreciate this site is directly opposite the larger David Wilson Homes site in Temple Inn Lane. The DWH site has a TMP which precludes work before 8am and deliveries before 9.30am.

      This was to avoid already extremely busy traffic times, both vehicular and pedestrian. Our prime concern though is for the safety of children and adults moving west to east along TIL towards Cameley Primary School and east to west along TIL of older children heading for their coaches which park along the A37.

      In addition, it would only seem reasonable and consistent that this later development follows the precedent of the “earlier starter”. I hope you are able to come to the same conclusion and look forward to hearing from you.

      You may be interested to know, the Parish Council keep a Log of breaches by DWH, including photographs and are likely to maintain a second Log for this second development when they meet this Wednesday.

      At the heart of this is our determination to safeguard the lives of our residents as well as their quality of life.

      Response from BANES to the site supporting the Parish Council proposal:

      The Construction Management Plan for the site has been amended to reflect the need to limit deliveries to inter peak times only, however, no actual time periods have been provided. BANES have asked that as per the site working hours, for the Management Plan to be enforceable specific time periods are required and the Plan should be updated to reflect this requirement.

      BANES have also highlighted to the developer that Cameley Parish Council have raised concerns that there is no agreed traffic management plan as yet and raised that because the site is directly opposite the larger David Wilson Homes (DWH) site in Temple Inn Lane, there are potential highway safety issues.
      The DWH site has a Traffic Management Plan which precludes work before 8am and deliveries before 9.30am. These restrictions were considered necessary to avoid already extremely busy traffic times, both vehicular and pedestrian.

      Therefore, BANES have asked that the site confirm and agree the actual time periods and have asked for these to be in line with the David Wilson Homes site opposite.

      BANES have asked for agreement that the working hours on this site would be:
      Monday to Friday 8am until 6.00pm
      Saturday 8am to 1pm
      And that work outside these hours requires prior written agreement/approval of the local planning authority. Any deliveries should not take place before 9.30am.

      Latest position

      Cameley Parish Council are now awaiting confirmation to these proposed arrangements. The Parish Council have also been in contract with the site management Read Oak Taverns and have made a point of contact with whom any complaints or escalations can be made to. We would ask that in order for us to maintain a log of complaints and incidents, residents and villagers obtain details of such events and pass them to us so that the complaints can be logged centrally and escalated.

      In terms of the fly tipping you mention, it is disappointing that individuals continue to litter in this way. The Parish Council have also had to seek the assistane from BANES council for areas to be cleared of rubbish. In order for action to be taken to address the route cause I would suggest residents take as much information as possible including the registration plate, (if possible) vehicle make, model and any company branding along with the date, time and location of occurrence. This should be reported to the company directly where it is clear that these are employees of a given company so that appropriate action can be taken with the staff directly.

      If provided with such information the Parish Council would also raise these complaints.

      In the meantime, I shall ask the Village Operative to monitor the fly tipping situation at Bubbins Break so that we can assess what further action is required.

      Once again thank you for your comment and I shall ensure your comments are heard at the December Parish Council meeting where the full council will be present.

  • Hi, I own the building which we call the old workshop next door to Walcott cottage on the A37 the green Temple cloud, as you are aware this building is in a bad state of repair I am thinking of restoring the building to its original use ( dwelling ) I realise that it has not been used as a dwelling for some considerable time and would like some thoughts from local people about their thought on this topic. The property has no garden and apart from the integral garage has nowhere off road to park. However it is a lovely old building which has to have some sort of use Thanks Allison Dark

  • Hi
    I live near the bottom of Temple Inn Lane at Bubbins Brake and seem to be missed out of any door to door leaflets about the village as we are just in Clutton Parish. However our address is Temple Cloud, so could we be included on any mailouts that go door to door please?
    Also, we have emailed and talked several times to BANES about the terrible traffic situation on Temple Inn Lane and Marsh Lane, due to it becoming the main access for the Trident Works estate. My children cannot have any access to the road out the front of our house due to Lorries and Oakus traffic pounding down Temple Inn Lane, carving over the verges, and only having to adhere to a ludicrous national speed limit.
    I have had no response from BANES, not even an aknowledgement, and unfortunately due to the lanes bridging a few parishes, this is an ongoing problem that it seems will only be addressed when an accident bad enough to draw attnetion to the situation happens. I sincerely hope this doesnt happen, but with the addition of 70 houses onto this road, the situation is only going to get worse.
    During the planning consultation with Barratt Homes and BANES, did the question of heavy industrial traffic constantly using these lanes get raised? It’s a BIG issue, these lanes are now no go areas for pedestrians and cyclists, the hedges are being undermined and i know from speaking to some of the companies who have premises at the Trident works, they are not happy with the situation either. The industrial estate NEEDS its own access that doesnt include these small lanes. Harts lane now has several restrictions and all traffic from the estate is now coming via Temple Inn Lane. Can you imagine what the access onto the A37 is going to be like once the new houses are built.
    This is a bad planning situation that is now going to be made worse by an increase of at least 100 cars. If the trident access was taken out of the equation from Temple Inn Lane, the situation would improve considerably.
    This really needs to be looked at and discussed by the parish council. There has already been several accidents involving Oakus vehicles. Lets sort this out before a pedestrian is involved.

  • Notification recived today from Banes planning that the owner of the barn opposite 1 & 2 Bridge Cottages, Temple Bridge, Temple Cloud BS39 5AA has applied to change its use and use of surrounding field from agricultural to dwelling.
    Will the Parish Council be involved in the application process? Is this development allowed? Is it within the development boundary of the village?
    1Bridge Cottages

  • You may not be aware but there are another two planning applications for Clutton.
    You may ask, “How does this affect me?”
    If approved there will be an extra 109 houses coming out onto the bottom of Clutton Hill creating congestion and hazards. More traffic on Harts Lane and accessing the A37. There will be pressure on school places with children having to go to Camely and pressure on the GP surgery.
    Villages cannot cope with such one-off developments of this scale. If housing is needed it needs to be of an appropriate scale in line with local need, on suitable land.
    Please object to BOTH applications: Ref: 14/00039/OUT & 14/00041/OUT to Richard Stott, Planning Officer,BaNES , BA1 1JG by the 14/02/14
    Many Thanks

  • Hi, I am writing with regards to the removal of the swings in the only park in Temple Cloud, this has been since Easter I believe and again no swings for the children over the summer holidays. Banes have implied this is not for them to sort out but the parish council!
    Can you tell me when the swings are going to be back with us please.

    • Hi Ali.

      Many thanks for your message.

      The parts to repair the swings were ordered within a few days of the swings being dismantled (due to Health & Safety concerns). However, the incorrect parts were sent and due to the age of the swings the correct parts have proven difficult to locate.

      The swings have now been looked at by a contractor who assures us he will be able to source the correct parts and perform the repair very soon.

      Cameley PC.

  • Hiya, further to my last enquiry, I have found the notice regarding the Temple Inn development meeting on the parish notice board. However, would it be at all possible to somehow make meetings of this importance to the village, more widely known? We do use the parish website, so perhaps a headline or similar could be used to advise villagers of any forthcoming events/meetings etc.

    Thanks so much

  • I have just heard about a meeting that took place regarding the proposed Temple Inn development – where were the details of this meeting advertised?
    We knew nothing of it and would like to have attended had we known. Are there any other meetings planned to discuss village developments?

    • Hello

      We are sorry that you missed the meeting. The agenda for the meeting (along with date and time) was posted on both village notice boards and on this website.

      Details of the proposed development is available on the news page and the developer has agreed to extend the submission date for responses by 2 weeks as of the date of the meeting.


      Cameley PC.

  • Hi,
    My comment of the 24 dec appears tO have got lost so trying again. We didn’t get a copy of the parish questionnaire , I presume that it’s been conducted. Why was Temple Bridge not included?
    Thanks, Em

    • Hi Jo. I completely agree. I did originally use a photo of the Bluebells in Greyfield Woods. The problem is, it wasn’t obvious that it was our village and unfortunately this was the only photo I could find on the web that was obviously Temple Cloud. If you have a photo that would look better that would be great!

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