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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 12th January 2021

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Present: Cllr Jon Sebright (Chairman), Cllr Sara Box, Cllr Philip Warden and Cllr Stephen Marsh

Also Present: District Councillor David Wood, Philip Edwards (Clerk)


Dst Cllr David Wood gave a report on the following:

  • Covid Areas: Temple Cloud along with Clutton and Pensford are the worst affected areas in BANES.
  • On Friday 15th Jan a mobile testing centre is opening in Paulton Rovers car park. This has been posted on the local facebook group.
  • The Covid volunteers groups are available for giving lifts, our nearest testing center is in Midsomer Norton.
  • A question was raised about providing a leaflet regarding a support phone number to call for lifts to vaccination centers, collecting shopping, prescriptions. The Parish Council expressed their support for this.
  • BANES have given 3750 food vouchers over Christmas and will be continuing into Easter.
  • Molly Close proposed footpath: Dst Cllr Wood has met with one of the local residents and reported on the main concern being development in the field for housing.
  • There is local concern regarding relaxation of house building rules: A local group is concerned at potential development behind Temple Inn. It is reported that sheep now use this field and this is preferred by local residents to development. The group is looking at the protection of the hedgerows. It has been reported that the informal walking route is now cut off and designated as private land.
  • Fly-tipping: Two occurrences have been reported to BANES council.
  • There are consultations regarding changes to recycling centres in Keynsham, Bath and Midsomer Norton. The appointment system in Midsomer Norton has been popular and forms part of the consultation.

(Item 2021-01_8. PLANNING APPLICATIONS was moved to this part of the meeting for the benefit of visitors, see below)


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Neary


There were no declarations of disclosable pecuniary or personal interests.


The minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council Meeting which took place on Tuesday 8th December 2020 were approved as an accurate record and signed by the Chairman.


Update from the Chairman.

The chairman expressed a happy new year.
The chairman reported on the coronavirus situation and the need for the public to continue to be vigilant and follow government guidelines.

2021-01_6. CLERKS REPORT

  1. Correspondence received: The Clerk reported on a quotation received for grounds work.
  2. It was noted that the internal audit is booked for 15th January.
  3. The clerk gave a report of village hall hire in relation to new covid requirements.
  4. The Clerk gave a report on the car park flooding. Steve Branch from Taylor Plant has helped with measures to resolve this issue with no charge to the council. The council expressed their appreciation for Steve Branch’s support with this issue.

2021-01_7. FINANCE

Refer to APPENDIX 1: Monthly Cash Book Entries

  1. Noted: regular payments for the month totalling: £1648.96
  2. Noted: credit card payments for the month totalling: £192.39
  3. RESOLVED payments for the month totalling: £561.20, Cllrs Warden and Sebright will authorise online.
  4. Noted: income for the month totalling: £474.66
  5. RESOLVED: Cllr Warden gave a report on the bank reconciliation and confirmed that the list of checks had been completed and that there were no exceptions to report. (Refer to APPENDIX 2 Bank Reconciliation). On review of the bank statements, the council requested the Clerk with regard to financial regulation 5.5(c) to transfer £10000 from the Unity bank account to the Nationwide savings account.
  6. Noted: The CIL annual report has been published online and reported to BANES:


(See earlier note: this item was moved to the beginning of the meeting)

Address of Proposal: 43 Paulmont Rise, Temple Cloud, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset, BS39 5DZ
Proposal: Erection of new two storey dwelling to follow demolition of existing single storey garage.
Type of Application: Full Application
Status: Pending Consideration
Planning Application Reference: 20/04638/FUL
Extension of time agreed for PC comments: 15th Jan 2021

RESOLVED: The council object to this proposal and instructed the Clerk to send details of the objection.

There were no updates reported from previous planning applications


RESOLVED: To award £100 to Dial a Ride


The review of the pump track progress and action required was postponed to next month.

2021-01_11. ACTION PLAN

RESOLVED: The action plan was approved for publication, and will be regularly updated as required.


Noted: The playing field charity AGM followed this meeting


RESOLVED: Date of next scheduled meeting of the Parish Council: Tuesday 9th February 2021

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 20:59

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