Message from PCC Mountstevens

Residents are being asked whether they are prepared to pay an additional £1 a month towards policing from April, 2019.

Last year the Government unexpectedly gave all Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) across the country the flexibility to raise the policing part of the council tax by £1 a month for the average band D household.

Sue Mountstevens is hoping that PCCs will be given that flexibility again this year, she said: “With last year’s £1 rise we were able to start an ambitious programme of recruitment and commit to employing up to 300 police officers. We were also able to protect neighbourhood policing, the police officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in your local area, all thanks to your support for the rise. The Chief Constable and I have agreed that next year’s focus will concentrate on serious violence. The threat from serious and organised crime has changed rapidly, increasing in both volume and complexity and preying on the most vulnerable in society.

“If we are able to increase the policing part of the council tax by £1 a month next year and the Government grant for policing stays the same and there are no additional surprises we are committed to a new focus on burglary and drugs. We must continue to dismantle the recruitment of vulnerable young people into ‘county lines’ drugs gangs. It’s clear that this leads to an increase in knife-crime and serious violence, including stabbings and gang-related disorder and it must be tackled and given the right resources. I absolutely recognise that any increase in household bills will be felt by residents and it’s not easy to keep asking local people to contribute to the issues that we are facing in policing and as a society. It’s really important that residents tell me what they would be prepared to pay. These are difficult decisions and I need to be sure that I have heard from as many local people as possible.”

Sue Mountstevens is asking for people’s views in an online survey on her website which closes at midnight on January 14, 2019.

For further information or to request a copy of the survey please call 01278 646188.

The Office for Ms Mountstevens report to have also spoken to hundreds of residents while visiting events across the summer. Sue will continue to talk about the policing part of the council tax at her surgery sessions find out where she will be on her website

‘Our Young Stars’ Campaign – Nominations invited!

Tim Warren, Leader of Bath & North East Somerset Council has launched the ‘Our Young Stars’ campaign to discover and celebrate the most extraordinary young people across our region.

BANES Council are now asking the residents of Bath & North East Somerset to nominate a child or young person who they feel has achieved something special, however big or small, which deserves recognition.

There are five main categories for the awards; Courage, Education, Innovation, Sport and Unsung. The awards are open to any child or young person aged 18 or under at 31 December 2018 who live in Bath and North East Somerset.  Nominations close on 30 November 2018.

In December a panel of judges will look at all the nominations and decide upon three of the most deserving children in each category to become finalists. These fifteen finalists will then be invited to a Gala Awards Dinner on 9th March 2019 for a celebration of their achievements, where the winners will be announced with awards being presented to all finalists.

BANES Councnil have asked that we attached a copy of their poster and nomination form and to promote the campaign in as many ways as you possibly. Nominations can be made online or emailed/posted as below.

The ‘Our Young Stars’ Team

Bath and North East Somerset Council

Leader’s Office


High Street




Emma Rawlings 01225 477038

Liz Parr 01225 395025

For more information go to:



Do you have an idea that could save the pavilion?

Background to this consultation

The Parish Council have previously been informed that Temple Cloud Football Club were not re-forming for the football season. A Working Party was set up at the July Parish Council Meeting whose purpose was to assess the condition of the sports pavilion, maintenance requirements for future letting and report back on options for the council to consider. The Working Party met on 01/08/2018. At the September meeting, members considered a report from the Sports Pavilion Working Party. The Working Party reported that:

  • In its current state it did not make sense for the council to continue to pay out maintenance on an under-used building.
  • Possible alternatives for the provision of changing rooms had been discussed, but in the absence of demand and a sustainable income stream felt that a large capital project would be difficult to recommend.
  • The Working Party would be delighted if there was a good use for the pavilion which transformed it into an asset for the community and eliminated the continuing demand on Parish Council funds.

As a result, the Parish Council are now asking whether there is local interest – from groups or businesses to take on the maintenance of the building and use it to benefit the community.

In addition, the Parish Council may offer a grant to local groups to help start new projects that benefit the community.

Do you wish to run a venture at the pavilion?

Please submit your proposal in writing to the Clerk by 31st October 2018.

A grant application may be submitted alongside your proposal.

Your proposal / business plan should cover a 5 year period. 

Please contact the Clerk if you wish to arrange access to the pavilion.

In the absence of a suitable future use of the building, the council may decide to de-commission the pavilion.

Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) – Temple Cloud

Representatives of Temple Cloud with Cameley Parish Council met with BANES Officers from the Environmental Monitoring Team on Tuesday to find out more about the AQMA for Temple Cloud.


Under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995, the District Council are required to review and assess air quality. In Temple Cloud, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) concentrations are monitored using diffusion tubes which provide monthly average concentrations.

Monitoring data is then compared to National Air Quality Objectives. For NO2 there are two objectives:

  • 40µg/m3 is the annual average.
  • 200µg/m(18 exceedances) is the hourly average.

Where exceedances of these objectives occur, an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) is declared, and then an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) is developed to identify actions to reduce the NO2 concentrations.

Temple Cloud Air Quality Management Area

  • Monitoring in Temple Cloud has recorded exceedances of the NO2 objectives and an AQMA has therefore been declared.
  • A public consultation exercise on the AQMA boundary was carried out between 14 February and 23 March 2018. The full consultation report is available online here.
  • The overall project now focuses on drafting the Air Quality Action Plan where potential actions and measures suggested by residents during the consultation and others identified by the team will be considered. The team are looking at a range of hard measures (road widening to improve the flow of traffic) and soft measures (to help reduce exposure). Officers are also trying to secure funding so that options can be assessed externally for their viability and effectiveness. This will help ensure that the best measures are identified.
  • A further round of consultation will take place once the range of options has been considered.

Short term measures

Ventilate your home from the side / away from the road to draw in clean air. Prioritise ventilation from 1st floor upwards – this is cleaner air. Don’t stop walking and cycling – time exposure is minimal when walking or cycling through the AQMA and exposure is less compared to being inside a car.

What you can do to help

BANES Officers are appealing for ideas to tackle the pollution in the Temple Cloud Air Quality Management Area. The Team have asked that residents make contact with them directly with any ideas about what actions could be taken. The team are open to all suggestions – no matter how creative the idea may seem!

Please send your ideas to the team by email: or contact Lucy Boulton, Public Protection Officer (Environmental Monitoring) by phone on 01225 396493. You can also visit for more information.

Clean Air Plan, Bath BreATHes 2021 

Since 2002 BANES Officers have been monitoring pollution levels at the roadside in Bath. BANES Council have now launched a Clean Air Plan for Bath, with a view to introducing a Clean Air Charging Zone that’s capable of reducing NO2 in the city by 2021 at the latest.

The council has drawn up a shortlist of three options which they believe are capable of bringing about the required improvements by 2021. No decisions have been made at this time, but the council are legally bound to reach a decision on a final package of measures by December 2018. This will affect everyone, so please get involved. You can have your say here:

This update follows a meeting with Lucy Boulton and Dr Nicola Courthold, Public Protection Officers (Environmental Monitoring) at Bath and North East Somerset Council, which took place on Tuesday with representatives of the Parish Council. A summary will be provided at the October Parish Council Meeting which will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 10 October 2018 at Temple Cloud Village Hall. Residents are welcome and there is a dedicated public participation session at the start of the meeting.

Deadline approaching for secondary school place applications

Parents across Bath and North East Somerset, whose children are currently in Year 6 are being reminded that the deadline for applying for a secondary school place for September 2019 is fast approaching.

And they are being urged to fill in all five preferences available to them to avoid being offered a place at a school some distance away.

The Schools Adjudicator, in a report to the council, highlights the fact that many children currently starting Year 7, who are travelling from South West Bath across the city to a school they didn’t name on their application form, could have secured a place at a closer school this year if only parents had used the five preferences available to them.

Parents and carers are being advised to use all five preferences in order to ensure that in a highly competitive school admissions process, they are able to ensure their child gains a place at a school within a reasonable travelling distance.

Councillor Paul May, cabinet member for Children and Young People, said: “You could think of it as naming your top three schools but then adding in two reserves just in case, or make yourself a list of all 11 mainstream secondary schools across Bath and North East Somerset and put them in your order of preference, then tell us the top five. This will give your child the best chance by making use of your five preferences.”

Bath & North East Somerset Council must receive all applications by 31st October. Late applications will not be considered until the second round of allocations next May.

Applications can be made via the Admissions Online link on the council’s website here.

Councillor May added: “Parents should be reassured there are enough secondary school places locally with the council helping fund some existing schools to expand their numbers to ease the pressure on places that was experienced this September. The sufficiency of secondary school places also means there is no educational or economic argument for an additional school in Bath.”

This year 81.3% of parents across Bath and North East Somerset obtained their first preference school, with 93% offered one of their first three preferences.

Each preference is considered equally against the school’s admissions criteria regardless of whether it is listed as the first, second, third, fourth or fifth preference.

Your highest preference school is always given first consideration, if you do not qualify for a place your second preference will then be considered. Again if you do not qualify, your third preference will be considered and this continues down to your fifth preference.  Offers of places will be made on the 1st March 2019.

Last Chance to see ‘WW1 Remembered’ exhibition

People are being encouraged to take a last look at a unique free exhibition which, over the past four years, has commemorated the Centenary of the First World War.

First shown in Bath in 2014, the Bath & North East Somerset Council WW1 Remembered exhibition was displayed in Radstock in 2015, in Keynsham in 2016, and in Midsomer Norton in 2017; it now returns to Bath for a final showing.

Councillor Paul Myers, cabinet member for Economic & Community Regeneration, said: “Now is the last chance to see the exhibition back in Bath for two weeks, at the Central Library from Monday 1 October to Sunday 14 October.”

“WW1 Remembered tells some great local stories of the First World War through photographs and letters from the Bath In Time photographic archive and the Bath Record Office, as well as contributions from local people.”

The exhibition includes the story of Oliver Brooks who was born in Paulton. He grew up working as a carting boy in the coal mines. He enlisted in the Army when he was still under-age. In 1915 he became the only First World War soldier in the Bath and North East Somerset area to be awarded the Victoria Cross. Oliver Brooks continued to serve and came home to find his courageous efforts pictured on playing cards and even in Fry’s Cocoa advertisements.

WW1 Remembered is just one of several events taking place in Bath and North East Somerset this autumn to commemorate the WW1 Centenary.  Find out more here.

The exhibition is free and is open at the following times: Monday-Friday 9:30am-6pm; Saturday 9:30am-5pm Sunday 1-4pm at Bath Central Library, The Podium, in Northgate Street.


Email or telephone 01225 396455

Stretcher Section and RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) – 12th Hampshire Regiment.
Soldiers of the 12th Hants. Regiment were billeted in Bath, and this picture was taken by local photographer George Love Dafnis.
Image © Bath In Time