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The Historian (Part Two)

Temple Cloud Mutual Improvement Association

Part Two


The initial meeting setting up the Association, was held in the Schoolroom with 45 people in attendance. Subsequently the Court House (also known as the Assembly Rooms and later after about 1929, the Church Hall) was placed at the disposal of the Association for its meeting by Henry Hippisley Esq., through the Revd. W Hippisley.

Miss Catherine Rees Mogg made the generous offer to arrange for and bear the whole expense of cleaning, lighting and heating the Court House and removing the stove to a more suitable place in the room. It need hardly be said that this very kind offer was very cordially accepted with thanks.

So, what did the Association do?

Mr Martin promised to open the active work of the Association at the first meeting proper with a series of first aid lectures under the St. John’s Ambulance Association and the County Council Technical Education Committee and it was agreed that this meeting be held on Thursday, the 15th November 1894, in the Court House at 7;30, There were 28 members at that meeting including six new members, with Mr Batstone in the chair, and they all enjoyed their initiation into the mysteries of the human body and the proper methods of tying bandages.

Not all the minutes of all the meetings have survived. There is no record of the minutes of a meeting held on Thursday, the 7th February 1895. However, it was arranged at an earlier meeting on Monday, 21st January 1895, when a Conversazione was planned for that date.  This was in Victorian times a scholarly community social gathering for discussion of literature and the arts or sciences.

Each member was to be given two tickets for the admission of two friends free on that evening. It was hoped there would be an attendance of 140 -150 persons. Admission to be by ticket or invitation only.

The Committee was divided into sub-committees for seating, musical, and refreshment arrangements also a ladies committee was formed, on which Miss Catherine Rees Mogg had kindly promised to preside, to consist of the wife or representative of each of the office bearers and Committee. The Revd Hippisley was asked to preside overall and it was agreed that orders for provisions be given, as far as possible, to members or friends of members.  Regrettably no record of the actual Conversazione on the 7th February 1895 exists.

However, there are other minutes of rather less ambitious occasions.


On Thursday, 10th January 1895 the first Musical Evening was held, with Mr. Batstone presiding. It was successful and enjoyable and during the evening 23 pieces (vocal, instrumental, music recitation and reading were rendered being, with one exception, entirely composed of local talent.  There were about 120 persons present and general satisfaction was expressed both then and after as to the pleasant nature of the evening, the cold and length of performance excepted!  Miss Savory very kindly accompanied nearly all the songs besides opening the performance and a hearty vote of thanks was passed thanking her and others for their kindness.


To be continued.