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Your Councillors

The main role of a Parish Councillor is to represent the views of all residents within the parish.  One of the most important tasks of a Parish Councillor is listening to and understanding the views of people in the community. Please feel free to get in touch below, or visit the next Parish Council meeting.

Cllr. Jonathan Sebright – Chairman

Cllr. Sara Box – Vice Chairman

Cllr. Helen Neary – Vice Chairman

Cllr. Philip Warden

Cllr. Stephen Marsh

Structure Timescale Appointments for 2019/20 Details
Finance Advisory Group Ongoing (3)Cllrs Sebright, Warden and Box.

Agreed June 2019 PCM

Required for budget setting / precept requirement and audit purposes.
HR Advisory Group Ongoing Cllr Neary

Agreed June 2019 PCM

Required for annual appraisal and staffing matters.
Planning Lead Ongoing Cllr Neary Lead to research planning applications / matters and report back to the council.
Technical Lead April 2019 – April 2020 Volunteer appointed as Technical Consultant (Mr Hemmings)

Agreed June 2019 PCM

Lead to assist with IT / CCTV matters as required and provide advice to the council.