pump track design

Pump Track – Community Sponsors and Donations

Thank you to our community and sponsors who have helped us with the pump track fundraising. Thank you to the following businesses for offering to provide services for the construction of the pumptrack Thank you to all the following supporters who provided rewards for the crowdfunding campaign: Thank you to all the volunteers who helped … Read more

  • Posted: 28th November 2022

Pump Track – Supporters Page

On 4th November 2022 we successfully raised £2,654 with 63 supporters in 28 days Thank you to our supporters who donated to the supporter’s page of the crowdfunding campaign: Stan and Jill Hazell Helen Neary Vicky Lyons Aimee and Giles Shaw Sally Shane Melanophy Jantzen McCarthy Jim & Linda Neary See more from our crowdfunding … Read more

  • Posted: 4th November 2022

Queen Elizabeth II

In Memoriam, Queen Elizabeth II 1926 – 2022 Temple Cloud with Cameley Parish Council joins the nation in mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II To send a message of condolence, please visit: Message from BANES Posted: 9th September 2022

  • Posted: 9th September 2022

Co Design Exhibition and Consultation Request We have received the following two notifications and an invitation from the B&NES Liveable Neighbourhoods Team to a co-design exhibition regarding Temple Cloud, to be held at Clutton ViIlage Hall this Wednesday 24th. (Please note Temple Cloud village hall is closed for building works during August).You are welcome to attend this exhibition or send feedback via … Read more

  • Posted: 22nd August 2022

Temple Cloud with Cameley Parish Council bags £1000 from Tesco’s community grant scheme

Temple Cloud with Cameley Parish Council will receive £1000 that it will contribute to the building of a multi-wheels pump track on the Temple Cloud playing field. This project was requested by the community and will bring a much needed resource for young people in the area. A community consultation took place in December 2020 … Read more

  • Posted: 2nd August 2022

­Public consultation on application to change how Hinkley Point C stores radioactive waste­

We have received the following email about a government public consultation on an application to change how Hinkley Point C stores radioactive waste­. Please visit the government website if you would like to submit a response:  Nuclear Regulation News­Public consultation on application to change how Hinkley Point C stores radioactive waste­­­­Our role­The Environment Agency is the independent … Read more

  • Posted: 20th July 2022

Anne Robson Helpline

Introducing the Anne Robson Helpline – If you or someone close to you is dying, you can talk to us. At the Anne Robson Trust we aim to be there to listen to anyone who is struggling with the imminent death of someone they care about.  We know that facing the end of life can … Read more

  • Posted: 13th January 2022

A37 and A367 Corridor Survey

Consultation request from the West of England Combined Authority… Dear Councillor, How can we make travelling on the A37 & A367 better on foot, by bike and by bus? The West of England Combined Authority is working with local councils to improve transport across our region. We want to provide better and more sustainable transport … Read more

  • Posted: 26th November 2021

WECA Supported Bus Services Survey

The West of England Combined Authority are undertaking a Supported Bus Services Survey. This now only got one further week to run, closing date is Sunday 28th November. Supported Bus Services are very important to residents and therefore WECA are keen to encourage as many as possible to respond to the survey.  The West of England Combined … Read more

  • Posted: 24th November 2021

Clerks CiLCA Qualification

The Council is delighted to note that it’s Clerk, Mr Philip Edwards, has completed his Cilca qualification with three exemplary submissions. We recognise the effort that has gone into achieving this in a relatively short span of time. It is very valuable for the Council to have a suitably qualified Clerk and we congratulate Mr … Read more

  • Posted: 15th October 2021

Litter Bins

A review of litter bins was made at the Parish Council meeting in September. Here is a map of bins around Temple Cloud. The bins with red circles are owned and emptied by BANES. The other blue bins are owned and emptied by the Parish Council. The Parish Council bins are for the users of … Read more

  • Posted: 5th October 2021

Clutton Flower Show 2021

In the September 2021 Parish Council meeting, the Chairman gave a report on the success of the Parish Council attendance at the Clutton Flower Show. The Chairman expressed thanks for the support of the Parish Council at Clutton Flower Show and expressed thanks to the organisers of Clutton Flower Show. Ideas were discussed to develop … Read more

  • Posted: 14th August 2021

May 2021 Parish Meeting Community Presentations

Presentations from the May 2021 Electors Parish Meeting

Thank you to all the participants who contributed with presentations to the Annual Parish Meeting for electors this year. On this page you can see some clips from the meeting showing activities that are happening around the Parish of Temple Cloud and Cameley.

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  • Posted: 7th May 2021

Mobile Library Service Re-starting

From BANES: We are very pleased to say that the Mobile Library in now back out on the road. Staff will be operating an amended COVID safe service. We will be out mornings only and staff can take returns, issue reservations placed via LibrariesWest and offer prepared book bundles (Grab and Go). We are currently … Read more

  • Posted: 24th April 2021

Duke of Edinburgh

In Memoriam, HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh 10th June 1921 to 9th April 2021 Temple Cloud with Cameley Parish Council joins the nation in mourning the death of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh To send a message of condolence, please visit: Message from BANES Posted: 9th April 2021

  • Posted: 9th April 2021

Take part in Census 2021 and ensure future decisions for B&NES are made on the best information

Householders across Bath and North East Somerset are being encouraged to help show how Covid has affected their communities and help plan for the future by taking part in the census on March 21. Census 2021 is run by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and is key to making sure decisions on the future … Read more

  • Posted: 10th March 2021

The Historian – A History of Local Occupations

The Historian – A history of local occupations by Michael Flower

Part 1 – Bricks Wheels and Horseshoes

On the site of the Paulmont Rise estate a Brickworks was founded by Mr. Hippisley about 1860 and traded until about 1890. It was not a commercial success in the long term. The bricks would have been handmade …..

  • Posted: 12th November 2020

Pump Track: Please tell us your views….

About this Project Following community feedback and in response to a community led poll on facebook, the Parish Council would like your views on installing a pump track on part of the playing field. This would be part funded by funds raised from past local developments (Community Intrastructure Levy), part of the funds would come … Read more

  • Posted: 8th November 2020