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Next steps to becoming a Parish Councillor

We currently have vacancies on Temple Cloud with Camely Parish Council, and therefore you can become a Parish Councillor by being co-opted by the other members of the Parish Council.

Parish Council Vote

The parish council can vote to add a new member by a process of co-option. You will be invited to one of the monthly parish council meetings to be interviewed by the parish council. The parish council can then vote to co-opt you as a new member.

Declaration of acceptance of office ( for basis in law refer to LGA 1972 S83 (4) , SI 2012 No 1465)

After being voted to become a member of the parish council you are required to make a declaration of acceptance during the meeting by completing a form. Please download and complete the following form:

Declaration of Acceptance of Office Form

(If this is not done during the meeting, it must be done before or at the first meeting of the parish council after your election in the presence of the Clerk or a member.)

Code of Conduct (for basis in law refer to LGA 2000 s52)

You are also required to undertake in writing that you will abide by the code of conduct. For convenience this is included in the declaration of acceptance of office form. The code of conduct can be seen here: Code of Conduct

Register of Interests (for basis in law refer to LGA 2000 s81)

Finally, you are required to complete a register of interests to be held by the monitoring officer. This must be completed within 28 days of taking office and returned to the clerk to be forwarded to the monitoring officer. Please download and complete the following form:

Register of Interests

Appendix: Suggested resources for new members: