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DRAFT Covid-19 Hall Risk Assessment Template for Hirers

We currently require a risk assessment from any hirers wishing to use the Hall that demonstrates that the organisers have planned to comply with government guidelines on COVID-19 social distancing.

Please use this template as a guide to produce your own risk assessment. The main Hall is about 9m x 13m size and therefore we recommend a limit of 25 people in the main hall. We recommend a limit of 10 people in the lobby.

Please see the main Hall Risk Assessment for a complete list of other considerations:

Please refer to government guidelines, for example: which states: ‘You should continue to avoid close contact and remain socially distant from anyone you do not live with or who is not in your support bubble – even inside other people’s homes.’ and ‘You should wash your hands regularly and wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces where there are people you do not normally meet’ (Please note that at the moment this means we can not hire the hall for children’s parties, where close contact can not be reasonably avoided)

Area of RiskRisk identifiedActions to take to mitigate riskNotes
Cleanliness of hall and equipment, especially after other hiresOther hirers or hall cleaner have not cleaned hall or equipment used to standard required. Our group leaves hall or equipment without cleaning.Hirer to check with clerk when hall is cleaned and to make sure regularly used surfaces are cleaned before, during and after hire e.g. tables, sinks, door and toilet handles. Can we bring our own equipment?
Managing Social distancing and especially people attending who may be vulnerablePeople do not maintain 2 m social distancingAdvise group they must comply with social distancing as far as possible and use one-way system and staggered arrival / departure. Adopt layout advised. Limit numbers using toilets at once. Require use of face masks if meeting people outside your immediate ‘bubble’Should we avoid use of kitchen – ask people to BYO food and drink? Allow older people time to use toilets without others present.
Respiratory hygieneTransmission to other members of groupCatch It, Bin It, Kill It. Encourage group to avoid touching mouth, eyes, and nose. Hirer to provide tissues, ask all to dispose into a bin or disposable rubbish bag, then wash or sanitise hands. Remember to bring tissues and hand sanitiser.  Remember to empty any bins used into kitchen bin at end of hire.  
Hand cleanlinessTransmission to other members of group and premisesAdvise group to use sanitiser on entering and exiting the hall, to wash hands regularly using soap and paper towels.   
Someone falls ill with COVID19 symptomsTransmission to other members of group and premisesFollow hall instructions. Move person to safe area, obtain contacts, inform clerk.  

Draft version updated by Clerk, pending Council review, July 2020