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The Historian – A History of Local Occupations

The Historian – A history of local occupations by Michael Flower

Part 1 – Bricks Wheels and Horseshoes

On the site of the Paulmont Rise estate a Brickworks was founded by Mr. Hippisley about 1860 and traded until about 1890. It was not a commercial success in the long term. The bricks would have been handmade …..

  • Posted: 12th November 2020

The Historian – Temple Cloud Mutual Improvement Association

Temple Cloud Mutual Improvement Association

Mutual improvement societies are neither so well known nor so widely written about as they deserve to be. This history of the Temple Cloud Mutual Improvement Association attempts to redress the balance. Unlike most mechanics’ institutes, mutual improvement societies were of the people not for the people……..

  • Posted: 3rd September 2018

Local History

Chapter 1. Temple Cloud – what a pretty name!

How often has that been said to you when you give your address? A pretty name maybe but from where did it come? Most places having the word “Temple” in their name have connections with …….

  • Posted: 25th July 2011