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Document Review Schedule

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Annual Meeting – May

These are policies recommended for review at the annual meeting, as specified in NALC model standing orders

  • Annual review of insurance is to be completed with the review of the asset register
  • Annual review of regular payments to be signed by a councillor

AM – Audit Requirements

AM – Employment Policies

AM – Employment Policies – VO Risk Assessments

AM – Press and Media

AM – Freedom of Information and Data Protection

AM – Other Policies

Other annual reviews:

Feb 2024

March 2024

April 2024

July 2024

October 2024

List of links to dates

The following dates have been scheduled to review documents by the Parish Council. Click on a date to see which documents will be reviewed on each date:

  • Review Dates
    • Posted: 10th February 2021
    • Version: 2024-01
    • Reviewed: 2024‑02