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Agenda & Notice of Parish Council Meeting: 12th July 2022, 7:30pm

To Councillors: Sara Box (Vice Chairman), Sara Cass, David Cottis, Jon Elford, Stephen Marsh, Helen Neary, Jon Sebright, Philip Warden (Chairman) and Mark Wilson

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council to be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 12th July 2022 at Temple Cloud Village Hall.

Philip Edwards, Clerk, 6th July 2022

Location: Temple Cloud Village Hall with online public attendance: 

Please notify the clerk of any intention to record or film a meeting in order that necessary arrangements can be made.Photographing, recording, broadcasting or transmitting the proceedings of a meeting is permitted unless the public are excluded ….SO2.6


(30 min) 7:30

Members of the public are requested to raise any matter during this session as the rest of the meeting is not open to public participation. Members of the public and press may attend the meeting unless the Parish Council by resolution enters a confidential session. Members of the public may make representations, ask and answer questions and give evidence on any matter affecting or of concern, for not more than 5 minutes by addressing the Chairman. SO2.1-2.6

  • PC Peard will be visiting to report on neighbourhood policing.
  • Chair of BANES, Counicllor Shaun Stephenson McGall, will be visiting to meet the Parish Council and discuss his new role in chairing the Parish Liaison Meeting.


(3 min) 8:00

To note and decide on apologies for absence.


(3 min) 8:03

To consider any requests of dispensations and to receive any declarations of disclosable pecuniary or personal interests in accordance with the PC Code of Conduct and to consider and grant any dispensation requests.


(5 min) 8:06

TO RESOLVE: That the minutes of the Parish Council meeting which took place on Tuesday 14th June 2022 are approved as an accurate record and signed by the Chairman.

22.07_5. REPORTS

(25 min) 8:11

(a) Chairman’s Report

  • Potholes in playing field lane remain a problem to be resolved by BANES. Cllr Warden has recently witnessed a member of the public slip on one of these potholes along this lane.
  • Cllr Warden has been working on ideas for a leaflet for the flower show with a potential prize draw theme and is happy to pool any other ideas from other members.
    • To confirm: who is willing to help at the flower show in August.

(b) Clerk’s Report

  • The garage defibrillator (Lifepack CR Plus manufactured in 2010) was used a month ago, user details are unknown. The Parish Council would like to express their best wishes to whoever needed to use the defibrillator.
    To Note: The defibrillator has been checked and reinstated on the register ready for emergency use. The battery level now shows 66%. There are supply problems for new batteries on this model and some suppliers recommend buying a different model (ZOLL AED see A replacement battery with pads has been ordered (£145), and delivery is expected in 48 weeks. Defibrillators are about £1100 new. The cabinet alarm remote button is missing, so the alarm is no longer operational. The defibrillator at the school (HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500P installed 2018, pads and battery expire 2026) is a different model and registered ready for emergency use, this model also has supply problems. If a survivor who uses the defibrillator is willing to be contacted, a new defibrillator may be donated from the Forward Hearts scheme for community use. See–community/forward-hearts-program/forwardhearts_flyer.pdf
  • Details have been sent to Sarah Heathcote (B&NES officer regarding Air Quality) regarding contacts, display points and the Clutton Flower show.
  • BANES have been contacted regarding their responsibility for grass cutting in Paulmont Rise. BANES have agreed to start cutting the grass and the hedge. Feedback has been requested regarding letting some of the grass grow long for wildflowers. Residents have so far have indicated that they would prefer to grass to be cut and that the flower beds provide flowers for wildlife. The village operative has been asked to continue cutting this area until the end of July when B&NES plan to take over grass cutting.
    • TO RESOLVE: Feedback on allowing grass to grow on Paulmont Rise.
  • Correspondance has been received about nettles on the private land next to the footpath from Meadway to Brandown Close. This is the responsibility of the private landowner, but the village operative has partially cut this back and will continue occasional pruning.
  • Parts of the wood on the bus shelter at Cameley are starting to perish. An appraisal and quotation has been requested to repair the perished parts.
  • The Clerk has completed a staff review with the village operative. Health and Safety training has been completed with a review of the HSE leaflet, risk assessments, COSHH statements and protective gear. A new helmet and visor has been provided for strimming and hedge cutting activities. A review of the grass cutting areas was undertaken.
    • TO RESOLVE: Allowing grass to grow longer for rewilding on the edge of the A37 on the wide grass area south of Peterside after the footpath crosses the A37. A narrow strip could be cut either side of the footpath, with the remainder left to grow.
  • Possible growth of Japanese Knotweed on the A37 south of Peterside has been reported to BANES. See
  • Details of recent email scams and an invitation to a fraud webinar have been sent to members.

(c) Members Reports

To receive reports from council members:

(i) Parish Liaison Meeting:

  • The next meeting will take place in Keynsham on 13th July 2022, 18:00 – 20:00. Details have been emailed to members.

(ii) Pump Track Report:

  • A community crowd fundraiser for the pump track is being planned.
  • TO RESOLVE: To consider and approve an extension of the end of the fundraising deadline to mid-September.
  • TO RESOLVE: Date for an extraordinary meeting to review pump track funds and instructions to the contractor.

(d) Quarterly Review of Village Hall Strategy

  • Dando’s has been contacted to confirm arrangements for building works at the village hall in August. The original estimated price has been confirmed as valid with no increase required.
  • Repairs to the village hall emergency lighting have been completed. 5 units were repaired with 1 unit deemed not to require repair.
  • Bookings: One regular booking has been canceled on Monday nights due to the termination of the business. One-off bookings remain steady.
  • Hinton Blewett Village Hall has offered the parish council some extra chairs, the clerk will be visiting to have a look.
  • To note future strategy: Ideas to consider for the village hall development include refurbished flooring, painting and decorating, blackout curtains for top windows, renewal of stage curtains, boarding up stage front with cupboards, permanent overhead projector with retracting screen, audio system, disco light ball, kitchen lights sensor, heating controls cover.

22.07_6. FINANCE

(15 min) 8:36

See appendix 2022-07 PCM: Finance Reports

(a) Payments and income

  1. TO RESOLVE: payments to approve listed in finance reports
  2. To note: payments and Income
  3. TO RESOLVE: Approval of bank reconciliation statement

(b) Budget spending and reserves

  1. To review: quarterly review of spend against budget
  2. To note: levels of earmarked reserves and CIL
  3. TO RESOLVE: Approval for reserves virement to move £9994 from building maintenance to the pump track reserves.

(c) Other financial business

  1. TO RESOLVE: To approve a request to cancel £52 owed on invoice TCVH-164-B covering canceled bookings.


(8 min) 8:51

TO RESOLVE: Planning application consultation request:

Application Reference22/01991/FUL
Application Address: Chez Nous , Peterside, Temple Cloud, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset, BS39 5AB
Proposal: Demolition of existing bungalow and redevelopment with two detached dwellinghouses.

Expiry for consultation: PC has been granted an extension to respond following the PC meeting.

To note: planning application updates:


(3 min) 8:59

TO RESOLVE: Date of next meeting, Parish Council Meeting: Tuesday 13th September 2022, 7.30pm