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Agenda & Notice of Parish Council Meeting: 14th November 2023, 7:30pm

Clerk: Philip Edwards (CiLCA) | Tel: 07591 257067 |
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To Councillors: Sara Box, David Cottis, Jon Elford, Andrew Kirkby, Jon Sebright (Chairman), Philip Warden and Mark Wilson (Vice Chairman)

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council to be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th November 2023 at Temple Cloud Village Hall.

Philip Edwards, Clerk, 8th November 2023



(15min) 7:30

Members of the public may raise any matter during this session for not more than three minutes, by addressing the Chairman. The rest of the meeting is closed to public participation. The public and press may attend the meeting unless the Council enters a confidential session, please notify the clerk of any intention to film or record.


2311_[2]  Apologies for Absence

(3min) 7:45

To note and decide on apologies for absence.

2311_[3]  Declaration of Interest

(3min) 7:48

To receive any declarations of disclosable pecuniary or personal interests and consider any dispensation requests in accordance with the PC Code of Conduct.

2311_[4] Confirmation of Minutes

(4min) 7:51

TO RESOLVE: The Parish Council meeting minutes of Tuesday 10th October 2023 are confirmed as an accurate record and signed by Chairman.


2311_[5] Chairman’s Report

(4min) 7:55

  • To receive a report from the Chairman

2311_[6] Clerk’s Report

(15min) 7:59

  • To receive a report from the Clerk
  • To note: Village Hall collaboration opportunity with Bath University student projects
  • To Note: Annual Playground inspection has been completed
  • Christmas Tree arrangements:
    • TO RESOLVE: Date for turning on Christmas tree lights
    • To note: Christmas tree lights replacement options
    • TO RESOLVE: Review of Christmas Tree risk assessment
  • To note: correspondence shared with council members listed in the appendix
  • To note: Finance working party possible dates for 23/24 budget planning

2311_[7] Members Reports

(3min) 8:14

  • To receive any reports on members’ responsibilities or attendance of outside bodies.

2311_[8] Ward Councillor’s Report

(4min) 8:17

  • To receive a report from BANES District Cllr David Wood

2311_[9] Pump Track and Playing Field:

(10min) 8:21

  • TO RESOLVE: Request to hire the pump track
  • TO RESOLVE: Purchase of Makita DUR191LZX3 18V LXT Split shaft strimmer for pump track, play area and footpaths

2311_[10] FINANCE

(5min) 8:31

Payments and income – see appendix 2023-11 Finance Reports

  1. TO RESOLVE: Implementation of the Local Government Services pay agreement 2023, contractually applicable for staff from 1 April 2023
  2. TO RESOLVE: payments to approve as listed in finance reports.
  3. To note: payments and Income
  4. To note: Bank reconciliation
  5. To note: Year to date spend


(10min) 8:36

TO RESOLVE: Application Reference23/04104/ADCOU
Application Address: Cinderlands , Cameley Road, Cameley, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset, BS39 5AF
Proposal: Prior approval request for change of use from agricultural buildings to 2no. dwellings (Use Class C3) and assosciated operational development.

TO RESOLVE: Application Reference23/03838/TPO
Application Address: 12 Brandown Close, Temple Cloud, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset, BS39 5EJ
Proposal: T1-Sycamore located within boundary hedge, overhangs public footpath. Advanced decay at main union – propose tree is significantly reduced to a finishing height of approximately 8m as per 2015 tree constraint plan, in order to mitigate risk of major limb failure over car bay or footpath.

To note: Consultation expired 2/11/23. A delegated response was not possible.

TO RESOLVE: Application Reference23/03770/FUL
Application Address: Cameley Old School House , Main Road, Temple Cloud, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset, BS39 5BZ
Proposal: Erection of detached timber frame building to provide garden store and garden office (Retrospective).

To note: Extended deadline for response agreed with planning officer.

Recent updates to previous planning applications updates can be viewed online: (filter with ‘PARISH’)


(3min) 8:46

TO RESOLVE: Date of next meeting: Tuesday 12th December 2023, 7.30pm



Appendix of Meeting documents and reports

2023-11 Finance Reports

Financial reports for the monthly parish council meeting.

  • Posted: 7th November 2023
  • Version: 1.3

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting: 10th October 2023, 7:30pm

Minutes and associated documents for the parish council meeting.

Risk Assessment – Christmas Lights and Christmas Tree

Risk Assessment – Christmas Lights and Christmas Tree

  • Posted: 4th December 2020
  • Adopted: 12th October 2021
  • Version: 2
  • Last reviewed: November 2023

Appendix of Correspondence

To view appendices, please view this document on our website

  • Version: 1.2