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Temple Cloud Pump Track Tesco Fundraising

We currently have fundraising bins at Tescos in the following locations: Tescos Express- Saltford and Longwell Green and Keynsham superstore. Please if you shop out that way- could you vote for us- this is open until 30th June. The maximum votes will give us £1500 towards the build.

We currently have £40K and need £60K to build the track we think will be appropriate for the village. We have completed a tender process for the supplier and have committed to a deadline date for raising funds of the end of July 2022. To help with this we have 3 grant applications for which we are hopeful and the aforementioned Tescos bins.

We intend to complete a Crowdfunder in due course as well as see if anyone can help with some of the items for the build to reduce the costs. If you know anyone who can help with the following items please get in touch with the parish council

  • Excavators 13t and 8t for 2 weeks
  • RC Trench compactor for 2 weeks
  • Type 1 aggregate 1000 tonnes
  • 505 Type B Drainage Aggregate
  • 20 tonnes Haras fencing, 50 panels for 3 weeks
  • Turf 385 m2
  • Site welfare for 3 weeks

Thank you for your help

Annual Return 2021-2022

Annual Return: includes governance statements, accounting statements, and Internal Auditors report. The external auditors report is posted here when recieved.

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Grant Application – Clutton with Cameley PCC 2021-22

The Parish Council has been notified of the NALC legal topic note LO1-18 Financial Assistance to the Church for consideration of this grant application:


Supporting documents:

2020 Accounts:!AtoBPP1dQfR0hpF3DARhU2iwa39xHQ?e=RPY3mD

Mgt accounts 30.9.21:!AtoBPP1dQfR0hpF1pgUUx6Wp77L_dg?e=o41lrF

Gillets Lane Road Traffic Mirror

A request has been received to install a road safety mirror on the Cameley Green for vehicles/ambulances exiting Gillets Lane. This lane is very difficult for vehicles to see oncoming traffic when entering the road. Vehicles have to enter the road before they can actually see traffic.

Initial observations:

Two locations were checked and photographed for lines of sight, to see how much traffic could be seen coming down the A37 for Gillets Lane: The parish council notice board and the bus stop sign post. Both locations give a poor line of sight up the road, but the bus stop sign gives a better line of sight. The bus stop sign is far from the junction and may be too far away to be functional.

Further investigation:

Given the potential poor line of sight, further investigation is recommended for the suitability of a mirror. (This could be in the form of council members making a site visit with a test mirror.)

2021-10 LCAS Foundation Level Award Application Evidence

The Council confirms by resolution that it recognises its duties in relation to bio-diversity and crime and disorder and that all documentation and information is in place for a specified awardDoes the council meet this requirement?    Hyperlink to council resolution:
CriteriaDo you meet these criteria?Where are these published online?
Its standing ordersYes
Its financial regulationsYes
Its Code of Conduct and a link to councillors’ registers of interestsYes
Its publication schemeYes
Its last annual returnYes
Transparent information about council paymentsYes
A calendar of all meetings including the annual meeting of electorsYes
Minutes for at least one year of full council meetings and (if relevant) all committee and sub-committee meetingsYes
Current agendasYes
The budget and precept information for the current or next financial yearYes
Its complaints procedureYes
Its accessibility statementYes
Its privacy noticeYes
Council contact details and councillor information in line with the Transparency CodeYes  
Its action plan for the current yearYes
Evidence of consulting the communityYes
Publicity advertising council activitiesYes
Evidence of participating in town and country planningYes  
The Council confirms by resolution that all documentation and information is in place for a specified awardDoes the council meet this requirement?    Hyperlink to council resolution:
CriteriaDo you meet these criteria?Where are these published? Can they be provided electronically?
A risk management schemeYes  
A register of assetsYes  
Contracts for all members of staffYesSee email attachments

See also risk management scheme – specifies the requirement for staff contracts:
up-to-date insurance policies that mitigate risks to public moneyYesSee email attachments

See also review policy in risk management scheme:
Disciplinary and grievance proceduresYes  
A policy for training and training and development of and councillorsyes  
A record of all training undertaken by staff and councillors in the last yearYes  
A clerk who has achieved 12 CPD points in the last yearYesTraining record:  

CiLCA passed 4/8/2021, certificate issued 29/9/2021: (20 CPD Points) Certificate:

2021-10 Report on Temple Cloud Shop and Assets of Community Value

Introduction and Community Support

The Parish Council has received requests from local residents by email to consider submitting an application to BANES to list the Temple Cloud shop (Central Convenience Stores) as an asset of community value.

If the application is successful, this does not necessarily mean that the operation of the shop is affected on a day to day basis, rather it gives the community notice should the shop come up for sale. The community could then potentially have six months to raise the funds to purchase the shop.

The Parish Council will be discussing this at the October 2021 meeting, for details of the meeting, and if you would like to attend, please visit the following link for details:

If an asset is listed and then comes up for sale, the new right could give communities that want it a total of 6 months to put together a bid to buy it.

There is a facebook post on local community pages to raise awareness of the option to register an asset of community value. The Parish Council is an eligible organisation to nominate an asset of community value.

Evidence will be required from the community as to why the shop should be listed as an asset of community value.

About Assets of Community Value

This new Community Right (sometimes called the “Community Right to Buy” or “Community Right to Bid”) allows defined community groups, including Parish Councils, to ask the Council to list certain assets as being of “community value”. This is designed to give communities more opportunities to take control of the assets and facilities important to them.

If an asset is listed and then comes up for sale, the new right could give communities that want it a total of 6 months to put together a bid to buy it (including a 6-week cut-off for an initial proposal to be put forward).

What happens once an asset is listed?

Once an asset is listed, the owner cannot then dispose of it without:

  • letting the local authority know that they intend to sell the asset or grant a lease of more than 25 years
  • waiting until the end of a six week ‘interim moratorium’ period if the local authority does not receive a request from a community interest group to be treated as a potential bidder
  • waiting until the end of a six month ‘full moratorium’ period if the local authority receives a request from a community interest group to be treated as a potential bidder
  • The owner does not have to sell the asset to the community interest group.  

Research required for a Nomination

Refer to
Nomination Form:

Legislation: The Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012

Details Required for the Nomination Form:

  • A description of the nominated land including its proposed boundaries
  • The names of the current occupants of the land
  • The names and current or last-known addresses of all those holding a freehold or leasehold estate in the land
  • What is the current or recent non-ancillary use of the land and/or building?
  • C2) Is any aspect of the nominated land and/or building’s usage actively discouraged by the Council’s Policy and Budget Framework? (A request will be made of the council officers to comment for their individual themes on whether the nomination conflicts with their plans, strategies and policies.) See
  • Has the land and/or building requirement for this usage changed significantly since its initial use so that the asset is not fit for purpose?

Evidence Required from the Community

  • C1) How does the nominated land and/or building meet the social interests of the local community as a whole? (Show how the current main use of the building furthers the social interests or social wellbeing of the local community as a whole, what are the consequences is usage ceases, include evidence)
  • C3) Why is the nominated land and/or building usage seen as having social value for the local community? (Evidence on impact on local community pride, cohesion, sense of place, sustainable living, areas of need)
  • C4) How strongly does the local community feel the land and/or building usage furthers their social interests? (Evidence supplied by local stakeholders (eg survey, petition), evidence of soundness of gathering community feedback, reference to parish plan/community plan or other local documents, evidence from local ward members)

What help is available?

Grant funding may be available, for example, match funding:

2021-10 Double Yellow Lines Proposals

Proposal for Temple Inn Lane

The Parish Council is aiming to increase parking spaces available on Temple Inn Lane in order to reduce parking in other areas, such as Brandown Close. The Parish Council is also aiming to slow down traffic along Temple Inn Lane. The Parish Council asked BANES for some proposals that would consider these aims along with road safety and residents’ accessibility.

The following proposal has been suggested by BANES to implement these aims: 3 sections measuring 12 metres each which could possibly have the double yellow lines removed without causing an impact of accessibility for neighbouring properties or obstructing the highway. This would provide around 6-9 car parking spaces on Temple Inn Lane for local residents depending on the size of vehicles occupying the spaces.

Proposal for Brandown Close

Some feedback has been undertaken regarding extending double yellow lines in Brandown Close. There seem to be mixed responses from residents regarding this proposal. The extended double yellow lines would prevent parking, but there are some concerns that this may have the effect of moving the parked cars into other unsuitable areas.

Current Layout Oct 2021

This is the current layout of the double yellow lines. The initial double yellow lines at the junction on Brandown Close were installed to improve safety and access to the junction.