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Asset Register

Insurance Policy Review Dates

For insurance policy review dates, please see the risk management scheme:

Feb 2021 Revisions

Cotswold gravel path from village hall to playing field added.

Jan 2021 Revisions:

Pavillion demolition completed and therefore pavilion removed from the asset register
Stihl tools and leaf blower added
Defibrillator values split into individual items – cabinet and defibrillator at equivalent market replacement costs
The second bus shelter opposite The Square added
Notice boards value revised for installation/replacement of three new boards
Filing cabinets added

Gate: It is assumed that this is the car park gate. A more realistic value including installation would be £1700 and not £8000

May 2021 Notes:

Gate: Further research indicates the gate in the asset register refers to the playing field lane gate and fence entrance to the playing field. On the recommendation of the internal auditor, this will remain listed at £8000 until written off or replaced.