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Gillets Lane Road Traffic Mirror

A request has been received to install a road safety mirror on the Cameley Green for vehicles/ambulances exiting Gillets Lane. This lane is very difficult for vehicles to see oncoming traffic when entering the road. Vehicles have to enter the road before they can actually see traffic.

Initial observations:

Two locations were checked and photographed for lines of sight, to see how much traffic could be seen coming down the A37 for Gillets Lane: The parish council notice board and the bus stop sign post. Both locations give a poor line of sight up the road, but the bus stop sign gives a better line of sight. The bus stop sign is far from the junction and may be too far away to be functional.

Further investigation:

Given the potential poor line of sight, further investigation is recommended for the suitability of a mirror. (This could be in the form of council members making a site visit with a test mirror.)

  • Posted: 5th October 2021