pump track design

[Retired] Terms of reference for the Pump Track Committee


The Committee shall consist of a minimum of three councillors. Non-parish-councillors may not be members. The quorum of the Pump Track Committee will be three members. The Chairman of the Council shall automatically be a member of the committee unless otherwise excluded. The Chairman & Vice Chairman of the Committee will be appointed by the Parish Council or at the first committee meeting following the Annual Parish Meeting. All members shall comply with the Code of Conduct and the Council’s Standing Orders.


The Committee shall meet as and when necessary.


The Chairman is to be elected annually by the Committee at their first Meeting.


The committee’s primary purpose is to support the Clerk with overseeing the day to day project management of the pump track installation. This will allow the Clerk to consult with the committee on decisions required in between parish council meetings that can not wait for a full council meeting.  Any significant changes to the strategic direction, overall vision etc. will be reviewed and agreed by the Parish Council.


Due to the confidential nature of some items of business to be transacted it may on occasion be necessary to hold meetings (or parts thereof) in private in pursuance of Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960 Section 1 as amended 2014 and by the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014). This can be done at any point during the meeting.

Minutes are to be an agenda item and presented for noting at the next meeting of the Parish Council.

The Committee may co-opt to fill temporary vacancies.

The Committee is empowered to invite specialist professional officers or advisers to attend meetings to provide guidance as to matters under discussion. If a cost is involved this must be agreed and resolved at a Council meeting before the attendance of the officer or adviser takes place.

The Committee has powers delegated by full Council in relation to the day to day project management of the pump track installation. This will be limited to decisions that do not vary from the overall strategic direction or overall vision agreed by the Parish Council. The powers will include planning and organising the installation of the pump track, agreeing risk assessments and material specifications, agreeing minor variances to the installation specifications and expenditure within the agreed budget for each section of the pump track installation.

Only members of the Committee may vote on agenda items. Staff and representatives from other organisations will not be formal members of the Committee and will not have any voting rights on this Committee.

Non-Members of the Committee are subject to the same rules as Committee members regarding confidentiality and the requirements of the Code of Conduct.

Notice of the committee meeting must be at least 3 clear days notice, or on the day of being convened, if convened at shorter notice. (Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (PBAMA 1960) (4)(a))

The committee is permitted to meet in a premises holding a license to serve alcohol during meeting, but due consideration must be given to the confidential nature of any agenda items and to arrangements for public attendance.

The Committee will comply with and have due regard to Council policies and guidance, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Standing Orders
  • Financial Regulations.


A member of the Committee must declare any conflict of interest and withdraw from the room and/or abstain from voting as appropriate.

The Committee’s Responsibilities and Powers

The Committee has delegated powers including to make expenditure within the relevant budget.
Urgent matters requiring expenditure will be dealt with as per the Council’s Financial Regulations.