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Fwd: Milsom Street bus gate cameras to be switched on

Please find below a media release from Bath & North East Somerset Council.
Milsom Street bus gate cameras to be switched on
Cameras for the temporary bus gate at the junction of Milsom Street and George Street in Bath will be switched on tomorrow (October 23). The vehicle restriction introduced by Bath & North East Somerset Council allows only buses to travel along the one-way Milsom Street up to the junction with Quiet Street between 10am and 6pm. The measure provides more space for people to keep their distance and enjoy the health and environmental benefits of a traffic-free zone. Temporary barriers managing the restriction will now be removed and from October 23, it will be monitored by automatic number plate recognition cameras (ANPR) in line with other bus gates in the city and enforced by issuing of fines, to make sure the zone is safe for pedestrians and cyclists. Councillor Joanna Wright, joint cabinet member for Transport Services, said: “From tomorrow the ANPR cameras will be fully operational, which means we will be able to remove the temporary barriers and make Milsom St even more inviting. The cameras will make sure that people can enjoy what Milsom St has to offer by bike or on foot and are able to safely social distance. Please remember that any driver who disregards the restriction will now receive an automatic fine.” The council has put in place temporary traffic restrictions in other parts of Bath and in Keynsham to protect public health, make walking and cycling safer and encourage active travel. Residents have also been asked to put forward locations for longer-term improvements designed to reduce the use of vehicles on our roads. Views were invited on the Liveable Neighbourhoods website up until the consultation closed on October 18 and the council is currently reviewing the feedback received. You can view the three Liveable Neighbourhoods strategies and consultation summary here ENDS ​​

Bath & North East Somerset Council, 15 High Street, Guildhall, Bath, BA1 5AW, United Kingdom

  • Posted: 23rd October 2020