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Minutes of Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting: 5th September 2023, 7:30pm

Clerk: Philip Edwards (CiLCA) | Tel: 07591 257067 |
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Councillors Present: Sara Box, David Cottis, Andrew Kirkby, Jon Sebright (Chairman), Philip Warden and Mark Wilson (Vice Chairman)
Also Present: Philip Edwards (Clerk) and one member of the public.

Jon Sebright, Chairman, 31st August 2023


There was no public participation contributed by members of the public. Four members of the public attended prior to the start of the meeting where a question was received and answered by the Clerk.


2307B_[2]  Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Elford

2307B_[3]  Declaration of Interest

There were no declarations of disclosable pecuniary or personal interests.

2307B_[4] Confirmation of Minutes

RESOLVED: The Parish Council meeting minutes of Tuesday 11th July 2023 were confirmed as an accurate record and signed by Chairman.


  • The Chairman notified the council of the resignation of Cllr Helen Neary. The Chairman thanked Helen Neary for all her hard work over the years, and in particular for all her work towards the pump track and continued work on the pump track party event.
  • RESOLVED: The council objectives for the pump track party were confirmed as a celebration and announcement that the pump track is open. It was noted that if there was any profit from the event this could be considered for use towards the playing field area development.
  • Noted: Current spend and projected spend for the pump track party. Following confirmation of activities, the total budget required was calculated at £1233. The council approved the plan to use external staging for the band from Rockaway with a scafold canopy and electrical power supplied from the village hall external power socket via an extension cable.
  • RESOLVED: To approve £764 spend from the remaining community grant budget and £469 from the remaining pump track reserves for the Pump Track Party on 23rd Sept.
  • RESOLVED: The sale of food and drinks and the bar would be run by Helen Neary who offered to purchase some stocks, understood to be at personal financial risk, prior to council approval of reimbursement for receipted costs. The stall holding activities by Helen Neary would be covered by the council insurance, TENS license and council risk assessment. The cumulative stall holding profits would be donated to the council after cumulative personal costs had been deducted.
  • RESOLVED: The council card payment machine would be provided to Helen Neary to receive payments on the day for the sale of food, drinks and other items, which is set up to be received directly into the council account. The proceeds of these payments would be used to reimburse any receipted individual costs subject to future approval by the council along with any other costs of running the community event.
  • RESOLVED: Hire of bouncy castle, and payment on presentation of invoice for £137.50 +VAT
  • Noted: Cost to be incurred for payment for St Johns first aiders for pump track event £158.40 +VAT on presentation of invoice.
  • RESOLVED: £250 spend for purchase of food, £50 miscellaneous purchases, £55 spend from equipement budget for an outdoor rcd extension cable
  • RESOLVED: £14.99 cost of wind speed anenometer to be taken from Christmas Tree budget
  • RESOLVED: Cost of BANES safety advisory group £83 +VAT to be taken from the training budget
  • The PAT testing risk assessment was requested to be reviewed at another meeting
  • RESOLVED: Spend for hosting the band would be £600 for a scaffold canopy signed off for safe use by the supplier
  • Noted: Documentation had been submitted to the BANES safety advisory group. The Clerk highlighted the subsequent advisories from the SAG to the council. (See appendix)
  • The Clerk highlighted the Parish Council’s responsibility with health and safety in decision making, including guidance noted in the appendix and Health and Safety at work legislation.
  • The Clerk highlighted to the council that the health and safety documentation may require further review to be complete.
  • It was noted that the health and safety documents were an ongoing work in progress.
  • RESOLVED: The health and safety and event documentation was approved by the council. These documents include:
    • Event Management Plan, which includes activities, organisations and personnel involved, how communcation will be performed and organisation structure.
    • Risk Assessment
    • Lost and Found Child Policy
    • Site Plan, including the position of band
    • List of stall holders and personnel
    • List of responsibilities
    • Organisational spreadsheet from Helen Neary


  • The tasks and responsibilities for the pump track party were reviewed by the council.
  • Plans required for the pump track party were reviewed by the council
  • RESOLVED: The council approved the inclusion of the Rockaway Rocket Car for display at the event.
  • The Clerk highlighted the guidance in the appendix on electrical safety at events, including BS 7909
  • RESOLVED: In relation to electrical safety at events, the council approved the appointment of Jantzen McCarthy as the ‘Senior Person Responsible’ (SPR) subject to acceptance by Jantzen McCarthy. The council approved the appointment of Cllr Warden as SPR if Jantzen McCarthy declined the request to be the SPR.
  • Helen Neary requested support for setting up from 8.30am on Saturday along with anyone who could support set up on the Friday evening
  • The council agreed that music should be over by 7.30pm


To Note: Date of next meeting: Tuesday 12th September 2023, 7.30pm


The Chairman closed the meeting at 21:15

Agreed as a correct record,
signed by the Chairman of the meeting: _______________________ on:_______________
(Chairman initial all other pages)