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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting: 14th Dec 2021, 7:30pm

Present: Jon Sebright (Chairman), Sara Box, Sara Cass, Stephen Marsh,
Also Present: Philip Edwards (Clerk) and two members of the public.

Meeting Location: Temple Cloud Village Hall


A member of the public gave representation regarding the submission of a grant application for consideration in a future meeting.


Apologies for absence were received from Phil Warden and Helen Neary.
Absence by Cllr Warden for 6 consecutive months was approved by the Parish Council.


There were no requests for dispensations or declarations of disclosable pecuniary or personal interests.


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council which took place on Tuesday 9th November 2021 were approved as an accurate record and signed by the Chairman.


The Chairman gave feedback on the successful event to turn on the Christmas Tree lights. Thanks were expressed to all those who participated with the Christmas Tree event, including:

  • Richard Jordan from Cam Bridge Barn for gifting the Christmas Tree
  • Neil and Bev from Old Court Temple Cloud for providing electricity for the lights
  • Paul, Kayleigh and Morgan from Paul’s Tree Services for cutting down, delivering and dressing the tree
  • Steve Branch from Taylor Plant and Jon Sage and Louika for erecting the tree
  • Dave Wood for arranging and coordinating the volunteers and event
  • Philip Edwards for support arranging the event and lighting the tree.

The Chairman encouraged members of the council to consider standing for the role of chairman in future years. It was emphasised that rotating the role of Chairman is encouraged.


RESOLVED: David Cottis was co-opted as a new member of the council.

The declaration of acceptance of office and written confirmation to abide by the code of conduct was completed and signed in the presence of the proper officer and the parish council.

2021-12_7. CLERK’S REPORT

  • ALCA have congratulated the Parish Council for a very strong application for the Foundation Level Local Council Award, and have submitted assessor’s feedback recommending that the foundation level has been easily achieved.
  • Playground repairs have been completed by HAGS under warranty to the sprung loaded gates, swing joints and basketball backboard to rectify issues identified in previous playground inspection reports.
  • HAGS have confirmed they do not have a fire proof alternative to the wooden table top.
  • Three of the playground bins had fires lit inside them this month. This created a mess but there was not major damage to the bins.
  • An email from a member of the public regarding double yellow lines has been forwarded to members.
  • PAT testing has been completed in the village hall, including the Christmas tree lights. A faulty socket in the lobby was replaced by the electrician. The Christmas tree lights extension cable was fitted with a waterproof socket by the electrician and PAT tested.


Noted: updates from previous planning applications:

2021-12_9. FINANCE

Refer to ‘2021-12 PCM: Finance Reports’:

  1. RESOLVED: payments to approve listed on ‘2021-12 PCM: Finance Reports’ totalling £508.84
  2. Noted: payments and Income to report
  3. Noted: bank reconciliation


RESOLVED: The council approved the 2022-23 budget.

RESOLVED: The precept for 2022-23 was set at £33,813

2021-12_11. PUMP TRACK

Grant applications were reviewed for the pump track.

2021-12_12. VILLAGE HALL

  • Noted: A request for a notice board in the village hall lobby has been forwarded to members along with a suggestion for a village hall day.
  • Noted: Dandos have been booked to complete the village hall brickwork next summer. Dandos have requested that the parish council identify and choose the colour and type of bricks and confirm the type for pre-ordering. Dandos recommend the brick matching service in Hartcliffe to help select the bricks.
  • Noted: A quote to install LED lights in the main hall of the village hall has been received. This was requested by the Clerk in preparation for possible eco friendly grant applications.
  • Noted: Village Hall Gutter Repairs: A quote has been received to replace the gutter. The council noted the quotation and requested the Clerk to provisionally book this work for January pending confirmation by council resolution to proceed in January.
  • Noted: a provisional check of the heating system identified further investigation is required to identify the heating fault.

RESOLVED: To authorise the clerk in consultation with the Chairman or Vice Chairman to agree further spending of up to £1000 on heating repairs as necessary.


RESOLVED: Date of next meeting: Tuesday 11th January 2022, 7.30pm
RESOLVED: Date of playing field charity meeting: Tuesday 11th January 2022, 7.00pm

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 21:17:

Agreed as a correct record, signed on ___________ by Chairman of the meeting:
(Chairman initial all other pages)