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Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held at 7.00pm on Wednesday 10th April 2019 – (LGA 1972)

CHAIRMAN:                                       Cllr Tony Hooper

CLERK:                                               Jenny Howell

RESIDENTS                                       14 residents (including Cllrs S Box, T Hemmings, J Sebright, and A Worthington)

1-19/20 Welcome by the Chairman

The Chairman opened the meeting.

2-19/20 Draft Minutes

The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Wednesday 11th April 2018 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

3-19/20 Chairman’s Report

The Chairman provided a report which was circulated prior to and at the meeting. The Chairman gave thanks to Temple Cloud in Bloom for all of their efforts over the past year to make the village a vibrant place to live. The Chairman also gave thanks to Cllrs past and present.

A full report was supplied to those attending the meeting and is available on the Parish Council website to support
the draft minutes.

4-19/20 District Councillor’s Report

The District Councillor, Tim Warren provided a report on challenges and opportunities for BANES Council over the past year. A precis of the report is available on the Parish Council website to support the draft minutes.

Headlines included:

• Unprecedented savings. Some of this through reduced funding, some inflation and a large increase in adults and children’s care. People are living longer although not necessarily better and with the improvements in medicine, children are now living with conditions that in the past, they may not have done.
• Changing ways of providing services – for instance libraries. By supporting community libraries we have actually increased the amount of libraries and when completed these changes will make an annual saving of around £800k per annum.
• Changes to waste services
• The formation of an arm’s length property company which is bringing unused buildings i.e. space above shops back to life for much needed homes.
• 88% of Banes schools are now good or outstanding, compared to 79% in 2014.
• Children’s services are top in the Southwest.
• A reduction in fly tipping
• Appointment of a private company to deal with littering.
• The West of England combined authority.
• Funding of around £60m towards the Bath quays and Somerset valley enterprise areas.

The District Cllr thanked residents for their support over the last four years.

5-19/20 Parish Council Grants

The Clerk provided a summary of Parish Council Grants awarded in 2018/19 (£2,422.00 in total) as follows:

£1,000 to Temple Cloud in Bloom (April 2018)

£500 to Citizen’s Advice Bureau (April 2018)

£217 to Temple Cloud WI (October 2018 – for the framing of the centenary tapestry)

£475 to Clutton with Cameley Parochial Church Council (PCC) (December 2018 – grass cutting at St James’ Church)

£250 to Clutton and Temple Cloud News (December 2019).

6-19/20 Updates from residents and local groups

Updates were provided detailing the successes of the past year and informing electors of plans for the year ahead.

Temple Cloud in Bloom
The President of Temple Cloud in Bloom spoke of another great year which Temple Cloud in Bloom were awarded the RHS Britain in Bloom Gold Award and Best Village category, adding that Temple Cloud in Bloom is a small but dedicated group of hard working volunteers whose aim is to enhance the village for all.

The President spoke of fund raising activities including the annual plant fayre and Tesco bags for help. At present, the group maintain 27 planters and 7 borders. The president gave thanks to all of its members and volunteers and also spoke of a desire to increase membership as some members may retire.

Temple Cloud WI
The President of the WI spoke of a thriving WI and activity over the past year and thanked the Parish Council for the grant to frame the 100 year commemorative tapestry. The President advised that the group always welcome new members and spoke of the guest speaker planned for the next meeting.

A proposal to plant a tree to mark the centenary of the WI was discussed briefly. The President will email the Clerk with a proposal for consideration at a future Parish Council Meeting.

7-19/20 Ideas from residents for the 2019/20 Parish Plan

A resident raised sewerage as an issue for future consideration.

8-19/20 Resident nominations for the Chelwood Bridge Rotary Community Award

The Chairman asked residents for suggestions for the 2019 Chelwood Bridge Rotary Community Award. One resident was suggested for consideration.

9-19/20 Open Forum

A resident gave thanks to the Village Operatives – adding that the pavements had never looked so clear. The resident also asked for an update on a dog bin at Paulmont Rise.

10-19/20 Concluding Remarks

The Chairman thanked residents for coming to the meeting and thanked all those residents and Cllrs past and present who had made a huge contribution to the parish over the last year.