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Playground Opening


Using this play facility

Whilst the Covid-19 alert level remains in place, you should observe the following requirements to help us minimise the risks of transmission. This equipment is not sterilised or washed down daily

X Please do not enter this facility if you, or anyone in your household are showing symptoms, or are self-isolating

  • All visitors should wash or sanitise their hands before entering the play area, and again on leaving

X  Please do not enter if the facility appears busy, and avoid equipment if already occupied

  • Children should be supervised carefully to maintain good hygiene and to ensure children wait their turn to use equipment where it is safe to do so

X If possible ensure that all visitors avoid shouting, touching faces or mouths and observe social distancing rules from anyone outside of their household or support bubble

X Do not eat food or smoke in the play area

X Please remember that the Covid-19 virus can survive longer on internal hard surfaces, so if possible entering tube slides, play tunnels or small playhouses should be avoided.

  • Please take all of your PPE and litter home with you.
  • Posted: 7th July 2020