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Village Hall Hirers Guide


Temple Cloud with Cameley Village Hall is owned and run by the Parish Council. The council are focussed on providing a fantastic community facility for the benefit of the village and surrounding parishes.

The village hall has flexible facilities and is an ideal venue for all sorts of gatherings and events. There are many clubs and associations that use the hall as their regular venue.

The large hall and stage area has a maximum capacity of 100-120 people standing.

The hall is served by a modern kitchen are and toilets. There are 22 parking spaces including 3 accessible ones. The hall is fully accessible to all.

The back doors of the hall open out onto Cameley playing field which can also be hired as part of your booking.

The village of Temple Cloud is located conveniently 10 of miles from Bristol, 10 Bath and 10 from Wells along the A37.

The hall is available for hire 7 days a week, usually between the hours of 6.00am to 11pm. For any special requirements, we would be only too happy to discuss your needs.

Making a booking

Booking is simple. You can make a booking by visiting our website From the front page go to the village hall diary / make a booking section. You will also find our full term and conditions of hire, a hire agreement and hire charges.

Temple Cloud Village Hall Operating Standards

To ensure that the Village Hall remains a high-quality facility that is pleasant for all to use we respectfully require you to adhere to the following arrangements:

  1. All hirers will be required to comply with the Standard Conditions of Hire, Hire Agreement and Hire Charges. There are links to these documents found on the website on the Village Hall – How to Book page. Please do not make bookings unless you are sure that the event will take place.
  2. If you should make a cancellation please inform us via email at as far in advance as possible. If the booking was made on online using the automated system, then please delete the entry from the online booking calendar and this will automatically cancel the booking.
  3. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the premises. Each hirer will be required to pay a refundable security deposit as part of the conditions of hire. The hall will be inspected after every event, and the cost of any damage caused will be deducted from any refundable deposit.
  4. The hirer of the hall must provide a named person from the organisation/individual who will be responsible for the implementation of these standards and conditions of hire.
  5. The heating season normally runs from 1st October to 30th April. An adjustable thermostat is located on the wall at the opposite end to the stage and should be reset to 15°c at the end of the hire period. However, the thermostat is set throughout this period to come on prior to regular bookings.
  6. For the heating in the foyer however, the remote control for the heater is kept on the wall near the kitchen door. Please switch the heating off after use and return the remote to the wall. You may have to point the remote at the heating unit for it to work.
  7. The fire alarm controls are located in the foyer to the left of the main entrance inside the second set of double doors.
  8. When setting out chairs and tables, care must be given to allow clear passage to the signed fire exits. Note location of fire extinguishers, emergency exits and fire assembly points.
  9. Every attempt is made to keep the premises in a good state of cleanliness and the hirer is required to leave the hall as found. Cleaning equipment is in the cupboard kitchen through the door on the right. A large broom, dust pan and brush and mop and cleaning detergents. 
  10. Any bags of rubbish or recycling must be removed from the hall and disposed of by the hirer.
  11. Under no circumstances will you be able to store items on site without prior agreement.
  12. No alcohol may be consumed outside the premises and this includes the ramp directly outside which provides accessible access to the building.

Arrival Check list

  • Turn on only those lights required.
  • Turn on the hot water heater for the kitchen (located under the kitchen sink).
  • Keep all passageways to all exits free of obstacles.
  • Open the electric shutters at the back of the hall so that the fire escape doors can be opened in an emergency.
  • Chairs and tables are in the foyer and on the stage.

Departure Check List

  • Restack table and chairs so that the hall and stage are clear – see the checklist for guidance.
  • Close all windows and external doors.
  • If altered, heating temperature to be reset to 18°c.
  • Walk around the hall and toilets checking all lights and radiators are turned off and all windows are closed.
  • Remove all rubbish and recycling.
  • Please refer to the pictorial checklist posted in the building

Health and Safety

The Parish Council operate an approach to health and safety that seeks to provide a safe and secure environment for all its hirers/ users. All statutory requirements for public health and safety are reviewed and implemented. Risk assessments, which address the normal use of the hall, are carried out and wherever practical potential hazards are reduced and if possible eliminated.

Hirers/user groups provide a key role in maintaining this safe environment by operating in a way that does not lower our health and safety standard. By signing the Hire Agreement, the hirer is then responsible for the health and safety of the group during their use of the hall and facilities.

The hirer is responsible for calling the emergency services in the event of an emergency.

The hirer is responsible for assigning a responsible person to assist anyone who may require help evacuating in an emergency.

There is no landline telephone on site, so the hirer should ensure the availability of a mobile phone to dial 999 or 112 to contact the emergency services.

  • No activities are allowed which involve danger to the public.
  • No obvious fire hazards are allowed on the premises.
  • No unauthorised heating appliances may be used.
  • No hazardous substances shall be brought into or used in any part of the premises.
  • No hazardous substances (as regulated by COSHH) to be used or stored in the hall.
  • No highly flammable items should be bought into or around the building.

The hirer must report all accidents involving injury to the public to the Booking Clerk at, as soon as possible.

Any failure of equipment belonging to the village hall or brought in by the hirer must also be reported as soon as possible.

Users should acquaint themselves with all exits and these must be kept clear at all times so as not to impede emergency evacuation.

All fire doors are marked as such and under no circumstances must they be wedged open.

The hirer must check that all exits are unobstructed – this includes checking that emergency exits function as intended.

In the event of a power failure, an emergency lighting supply is then automatically triggered to illuminate exit routes.  In the event of an outbreak of fire, however slight, the building must be evacuated immediately. Fire extinguishers are provided to assist in clearing a path for emergency exits. The assembly point is the car park.

Safety equipment must not be tampered with.

Any faults must be reported as soon as is practicable to the Clerk at

The hirer must clear all liquid spills immediately, to avoid people slipping.

A first aid kit is provided in the kitchen. Users are advised to consider and resolve their own First Aid requirements.

Children must be supervised at all times. Care must be taken when using the stage as this could cause possible falls.

Do not climb on the tables and chairs to access heights.

Care must be taken when erecting and dismantling the folding tables and moving furniture about the hall.

Users are responsible for the safe operation of all equipment they bring to the hall.

All electrical equipment must be used in a safe manner in accordance with electric regulations.

Any questionable or defective electrics must be reported to the Booking Clerk.

Any user who requires the use of an extension lead must make sure they do not create trip hazards across pathways and open spaces.

Remember: On discovery of fire

Operate the fire alarm

Call the emergency services

Provide assistance to anyone requiring help to evacuate

Only embark on tackling the fire, pending the arrival of the Fire Brigade, where there is NO RISK to the person.

Disabled Access


Temple Cloud Villlage Hall is compliant with disability access standards. When making a booking please consider any mobility or disability impairment of those attending the event. Please inform the Booking Clerk of any access requirements you may have prior to booking, so suitable arrangements can be made.

Car Parking

Temple Cloud Village Hall has space for 22 cars outside, which includes 3 spaces marked for those with a disability.


The village of Temple Cloud is conveniently located close to the towns of Bristol, Bath and Wells.

The map below shows the location of the village hall within the village.

Additional Information

Medical Emergency

In the event of a medical emergency please contact the emergency services immediately.

Note that there is no telephone on the premises. A first aid box is located in the kitchen.


The main hall light switches are on the wall on the left as you enter the hall. Lighting switches for the stage and backstage are on the wall on the left as you enter the right hand stage door.

Kitchen Facilities

The kitchen has modern facilities, comprising two fridges (one with small freezer compartment), an electric range cooker with a 4 burner electric hob. There is a hot water boiler for beverages; hot and cold running water, along with considerable working and serving surfaces.

Any hire intending to provide catering should be aware of the need to satisfy food hygiene standards.

When leaving, please ensure all food is removed from the fridge.

Care must be taken when preparing and using boiling water and when handling hot utensils or appliances. The oven/hob should be supervised at all times when in use. It remains hot for some time after being turned off.

Users must remove and/or dispose of all food at the end of their booking. Bags of rubbish must not be left in the hall; the hirer is responsible for removing off site, all excessive rubbish.

The kitchen and utensils should be left in a hygienic and usable state for the next booking. If hirers find that the kitchen is in an unacceptable condition, this must be reported immediately to the Booking Clerk. Whilst the Parish Council make every effort to maintain a high standard of cleanliness, cleaning is not possible for each and every booking due to the back to back nature of bookings during busy times of the week. Therefore the Parish Council cannot be held responsible for the condition of the kitchen due to the activity of the previous booking.

Facilities List

  • Hot water urn
  • Kettle
  • 2 fridges
  • Tea pots- many
  • A 4 burner electric hob and oven
  • There is currently no dishwasher in the hall
  • Changing table in the disabled toilet
  • Stage lights
  • Changing room
  • 9 silver tables
  • 16 banqueting chairs
  • 17 café style chairs
  • Piano
  • Approx 80 chairs for the main hall (please check)
  • Stage
  • Stage steps
  • Approx 6 trestles (please check)

Regular use of the the hall has included:

  • Yoga
  • Dog agility and training
  • Fitness classes
  • Dance classes
  • Use by the local school
  • Posted: 11th May 2022