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Air Quality Management Area Consultation Report for Temple Cloud

BANES Council have now published a link to the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) Consultation Report for Temple Cloud (following the first phase of public consultation). In summary:
  • 50 responses to the online survey were received, which saw a 68% agreement with the proposed boundary.
  • The survey was the main method for collecting responses, however ideas and issues raised during the drop-in event and meeting were noted.
  • 14 residents attended the drop-in event back in March at the Village Hall. Some lengthy and useful discussions took place.
  • During the consultation there were ~10 responses that requested the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) boundary be elongated to cover the whole stretch of A37 through the village.
  • Post consultation, the team reviewed the AQMA boundary and it was altered slightly in line with the requests.
  • The official AQMA sign-off has since been working its way through the Council’s decision making process.
  • Overall the project moves on to drafting the Air Quality Action Plan which has been started and the team have been generated ideas on this. The team have also had an initial group meeting with other service areas in the Council to discuss potential actions.
  • A further public consultation will follow at Action Plan stage.
The full report can be viewed below or through the BANES Council website:   E3064-Temple-Cloud
  • Posted: 27th June 2018

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