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Disruption along Temple Inn Lane

At the Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 8th February discussion took place around the current and increased  disruption along Temple Inn Lane caused by deliveries, parking, machinery and work taking place at the two developments. Both members of the public and the Parish Council are concerned about the risks to public safety. One of our Parish Councillors, Tom Hemmings captured a short video of the current situation. The video shows far better than a series of photographs just what drivers and pedestrians are facing and the challenges this poses. Of greatest concern to the Parish Council is that Temple Inn Lane is the main and only route to the Primary School and the Parish Council have long pushed for deliveries to take place outside of the school run hours. By and large both developments have tried to limit deliveries at these times however as the agreement took place at a later stage in the planning process, the Parish Council have come to learn that these conditions are not enforceable and on a best endeavours basis. The Parish Council passed the video to our District Councillor Tim Warren and asked what could be done. Tom Hemmings added “Both pavements are blocked or impeded, there are vehicles parked on the pavements, machinery being manoeuvred etc”. “No developer is more important than the safety of my friends, neighbours and fellow villagers, and it is every child’s right to be able to safely walk to their school”. “It is my opinion that it was grossly negligent of planning to not impose enforceable conditions so any input you can offer would be much appreciated”. The video can be accessed here. Tim Warren kindly escalated the issues within B&NES Council. A Team Manager within Planning & Enforcement confirmed “Whilst we cannot apply conditions retrospectively the developer must adhere to safe codes of practice under Health and Safety legislation and must not block the carriageway or footpath”. “The footpath closest to the development (on the left hand side of the video) is subject to a temporary closure however the opposite footpath should not be obstructed”. “Obstruction to a highway or footway falls to the highways team to enforce rather than planning as this comes under separate legislation”. The matter was referred to the B&NES Highways team and that Highways Team indicated that they would attend Temple Inn Lane on the same morning. The Parish Council will continue to monitor and raise the issues with B&NES Council and the focus remains on the safety of all residents.
  • Posted: 11th February 2017

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