pump track design

2020-11_6. (5) Clerks Report: Playground Inspection

There were some low risk items to consider. The Clerk / Village Operative have noted these recommendations and will monitor or take corrective action.

There were no medium or high risk items that require action.

  • Posted: 10th November 2020

2020-11_6. (3) Clerks Report – Badger Damage Update

Badgers have been damaging the playing field. The current solution being implemented is to perform regular spot repairs by the village operative, whilst encouraging passing members of the public to also contribute to spot repairs. It is hoped that the situation will improve and the playing field will be restored over time. A badger consultant … Read more

  • Posted: 10th November 2020

2020-11_9. Leaf Vacuum

Leaf vacuum machine, three options and videos of use in Paulton

  • Posted: 2nd November 2020

[Retired] 2020 to 2021 Action Plan

2020-2021 Action Plan
The parish council aims are to support and improve the quality of life for the parish of Temple Cloud and Cameley.

  • Posted: 19th October 2020
  • Status: Retired