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Asset Register 2024-25

Asset Register

The asset register shows the asset values for the current year, along with a separate column of insurance values for insurance cover assessment.

  • 2304_[7] RESOLVED: To set a de minimis level on the asset register of £250.
  Asset Date Recorded 2024-25
  Defibrillator #1 Lifepak CR Plus 387C4583   1,200
  Defibrillator Cabinet #1 AED Locator Cabinet   800
  Second Defibrillator #2 Heartsine Defibrillator 2018-19 1,200
  Second Defibrillator cabinet #2 Heartsafe 2018-19 800
Mowers and Machinery    
  Sit on mower Sit-upon Mower   2,000
  Strimmer Petrol Strimmer   350
  Stihl kombi engine  10/12/2020 254
  Stihl grass cutter blade  10/12/2020 107
  Stihl rotavator attachment  09/04/2021 157
  Stihl Scrub cutter  10/12/2021 217
  Leaf vaccuum  14/12/2020 1,310
  Lawnmower Small lawnmower   150
  Leaf Blower Sthil   263
  Hedge Trimmer Sthil Apr-19 240
  Makita strimmer 11/12/2023  
Mowers and Machinery subtotal    
  Playing field gates and fences   8,000
  Play equipment Playground equipment    107,000
  Playing Field   0
  Cotswold Gravel Path  12/03/2021 5,280
  Village Green inc retaining walls   0
  Pump Track 2023 60,060
Street Furniture    
  Benches   7,000
  Parish Noticeboards Notice boards 21/07/2020 2,514
  Plaque Village Millennium wall plaque   2,000
  Litter Bins Borax x 2 2017 447
  Litter Bins double Borax x 1 24/08/2023 616
  Cameley Bus shelter on The Green   15,000
  Bus Shelter – The Square  2020-21 2,675
Street Furniture subtotal    
  Village Hall and car park    641,472
  Car park development  2019 28,500
  HP Photosmart Premium printer   100
  Laptop Dell Inspiron CB32781074 Dec-19 500
  Projector Projector and carrying case    450
  Village Hall filing cabinets  2020-21 200
  Mobile Phone Motorolla G7 Dec-19 180
Contents subtotal    
  CCTV system  2019 790
  TOTAL   891,832

Revised table to be added

Insurance values to review

TO REVIEW April 2024:

  • Decrease mowers to £5000 as ride on mower insured elsewhere
  • Increase Playground and Village Hall for inflation

Insurance Policy Risk Management, review of cover in place for 2023-2024:

Council Insurance Schedule:

Property Damage Covered As per Schedule, Excess £125

Important cover checks:

Employers’ Liability Covered £10,000,000
Public and Products Liability Covered £10,000,000

Fidelity Guarantee: £150,000

To note: Internal auditor recommends the Council should consider its fidelity guarantee insurance to cover the year end balance plus half the annual precept:

  • YE bal 2023 = £131,113, Precept 2023 = £39,518, Recommended minimum cover £150,872.
  • Balance Feb 2024 = £87,554, Precept 2024 = £42,769, Recommended minimum cover £108,938

Ride on mower insurance:

Vehicle insured with a separate motor policy for use by council village operatives, fully comprehensive, declared value of mower £2000

Insurance Policy Review Dates

For insurance policy review dates, please see the risk management scheme:

History of changes

March 2024 Revisions

New purchases added – makita strimmer (insurance only) and broxap bin replacement

May 2023 Revisions

Insurance values added with additional cover checks as advised by internal auditor

Village operative equipment and makita batteries removed to schedule of disposals

Feb 2021 Revisions

Cotswold gravel path from village hall to playing field added.

Jan 2021 Revisions:

Pavillion demolition completed and therefore pavilion removed from the asset register
Stihl tools and leaf blower added
Defibrillator values split into individual items – cabinet and defibrillator at equivalent market replacement costs
The second bus shelter opposite The Square added
Notice boards value revised for installation/replacement of three new boards
Filing cabinets added

Gate: It is assumed that this is the car park gate. A more realistic value including installation would be £1700 and not £8000

May 2021 Notes:

Gate: Further research indicates the gate in the asset register refers to the playing field lane gate and fence entrance to the playing field. On the recommendation of the internal auditor, this will remain listed at £8000 until written off or replaced.

May 2022:

Makita batteries added

April 2023:

Insurance review added