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Village Hall Strategic Direction & Overall Vision

Strategic Direction

A quarterly review of the strategic direction of the village hall is required per standing order 7.2

7.2         A delegated power enables the Clerk to make day to day decisions relating to the running of Temple Cloud Village Hall in line with existing Financial Regulations and Parish Council Policy. The strategic direction, overall vision and etc. will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and agreed by the Parish Council.

Hire rates are set out on the website:


March 2024 Meeting update:

To note: Possible grant funding:

To note: Request to attend a future meeting reference Bibo studios, to discuss what next steps we should take in regards to a visioning exercise and initial funding.

Income April 2023 to end Feb 2024

VILLAGE HALL INCOMEBudget YTDRemaining against budget 
Village Hall Income2625 2117508
Village Hall Income – Regular3045 14791566*

*There is £465 Invoiced, but not yet paid and not included in these figures to end March

Contribution of mood board with ideas from member of the public

January 2024 Meeting update:

Council agreed the formation of a working party to update action plan for the village hall including marketing plans for the year. Cllr Sebright offered to arrange dates for a meeting.

July 2023 Meeting Update:

  • Prices reviewed.
  • Hall use reviewed.
  • Working Party to be planned after pump track and pump track event completed

June 2023 Meeting Update:

  • Fire extinguisher and alarms servicing reviewed.

Jan 2023 Meeting Update:

  • Painting and decoration quotes noted.
  • Noted: Clerk focus over coming months to be on pump track installation.

May 2022 Meeting update:

  • Choice of brickwork for the village hall was approved.
  • Panelling of the top circular window was confirmed as booked
  • Fire risk assessment was viewed with remedial action to be actioned by the Clerk

Feb 2022 Meeting update:

Supervision of village hall to be shared with members of the council out of hours:

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting: 8th Feb 2022, 7:30pm – Temple Cloud with Cameley Parish Council

September 2021 Meeting update:

The Clerk gave an update to confirm that new clubs are booking the village hall, and previous clubs are expressing an interest in booking new slots.

The Clerk reported that quotes are currently being sought for:

  • Covering/Panelling the upper window
  • Sanding and Varnishing the Village Hall Floor
  • Bricking up the ply panels
  • PAT testing (to include Christmas Tree)
  • Aircon service
  • Gutter Repair
  • Village Hall Cleaning


July 2021 Meeting – to note:

  • The school will continue to hire the hall during September
  • There have been new enquiries for regular bookings (Yoga, book club)
  • Pilates will no longer be hiring the village hall.
  • Quote has been received for repairing the broken window, 2nd quote is due soon. (Allow approximately up to £450 to board up, or £1100 to replace)
  • Quotes have been received to sand and reseal the hall floor. It has been noted that mop and water may not be the recommended treatment for a wooden floor. (Allow £3100 to £3800)
  • The building works tender was published and builders were invited to quote. Two companies declined due to the time scales. One quote has been received.

The Action Plan highlights the strategic direction of the council which includes the village hall. This covers works required to improve the village hall.