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Risk Assessment – Working at Heights – Ladders

– Person Falling from Height
– Items dropped onto person below
– Ladder slipping
– Hitting others during transport of ladder
Who / what may be harmed
– Staff, volunteers, councillors, visitors, guests, members of the public
Risk Rating
Severity: 4/5
Likelihood: 4/5
Overall Risk: High
Existing Controls
– Avoid the use of ladders and assess if a safer alternative is available, such as hiring a professional
– Tie ladders securely to vehicles during transportation
– Have awareness of people and surrounding during transportation of ladders
– Ensure training undertaken for safe use of ladders, for example, see: LA455-Safe-Use-of-Ladders-and-Stepladders-A-brief-guide.pdf (
– Inspect ladder for damage
– Check ladder is suitable for the task
– Assess work area for safety and hazards
– Wear suitable clothing with sufficient grip on feet
– Do not lean out from the ladder while working, move the ladder regularly to ensure optimum working position
– Have someone at the bottom of the ladder to hold the ladder and protect ladder from others
– Wear a hard hat if standing below a ladder
– Ensure feet of ladder are secure and will not result in movement while being used. (Place feet on a hard surface, avoid grass or unstable banks)
Recommendations / Further Action
Ongoing identification and review of tasks that may require ladders, including:
– Maintenance of zip wire
– Spot repairs to village hall guttering
– Maintenance of ceiling tiles and light bulbs in village hall