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Mobile Library Service Re-starting


We are very pleased to say that the Mobile Library in now back out on the road.

Staff will be operating an amended COVID safe service. We will be out mornings only and staff can take returns, issue reservations placed via LibrariesWest and offer prepared book bundles (Grab and Go). We are currently not able to offer browsing on the vehicle. This will be reviewed in early summer.

Here is a link to the Press Release that you may have already seen.

This is a link to the complete timetable

Here is the part that shows Cameley and Temple Cloud details:-

Route 4 – Thursday. April 29. May 13, 27. June 10, 24.                                               

CameleyMolly Close10.00 – 10.30
Temple CloudGoldney Way10.50 – 11.20
CluttonStation Road (near school)11.30 – 12.15

To reserve items customers need a membership card and PIN. Here is the website but there is also an easy to use app.

  • Posted: 24th April 2021