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New Defibrillator Cabinet

Cameley Parish Council would like to thank Ian Gough of Venture Tyres for kindly supplying his time and labour to install the new Defibrillator Cabinet. We would also like to thank him for continuing to host the cabinet and supplying the electricity. The new cabinet looks a little different to the previous one but is located in the same place, facing the main road, on the wall of Venture Tyres (next door to the petrol station). There will soon be a sign and green light mounted above it to assist in making it as easy to locate as possible in an emergency. Please make your family members, friends and neighbours aware of the location. In the event of an emergency, dial 999 and the emergency operator will give you the access code to enter on the cabinet keypad. You don’t need any training to operate the Defibrillator, it is very straight forward; so please don’t be afraid to use it if the Ambulance Service suggest it.
  • Posted: 17th May 2016

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