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Pavillion Survey Results

Pavillion Survey Update

We recently asked the community about proposals for the pavillion next to the childrens play park. Here are the results of the survey:

Save the changing room: 24
Knock down the current structure and don’t replace: 4
Knock down the current structure and replace with a container/ similar: 20
Don’t know: 4

If we were to replace/ refurbish the current building what would you like it used for?
Café: 33
New sports pavilion: 13
Community Space for hire: 26
Community library/ book swap: 16
Mum’s meeting place/ baby groups: 25
Shop for local crafts: 13
Youth club: 21

On further investigation we have to take down the current pavilion. It isn’t salvageable and it costs us money to run each year. The current plan is to get the building removed and keep access to the services so that a future project could take place.

The parish council have just formed a working party to look at the village hall/ pavilion with a view to making improvements. We will be investigating all options and will come back to the community once we have some solid proposals to put forward.

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  • Posted: 29th January 2020

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