pump track design

Pump Track – Community Sponsors and Donations

Thank you to our community and sponsors who have helped us with the pump track fundraising.

Thank you to the following businesses for offering to provide services for the construction of the pumptrack

  • Weaver Demolition – supply of recycled aggregate
  • Molson Group – supply of plant machinery for the installation
  • Currie & Brown – construction consultancy services

Thank you to all the following supporters who provided rewards for the crowdfunding campaign:

  • Somerset Toiletry Company
  • The Soap Bar
  • Little Fat Mouse Bakes
  • Farrington Play Barn
  • Rockaway Park (Vegan Sunday Roast)
  • Railway Pub (Meal voucher)
  • Cllr Warden (Calendars)

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped at the cake sale

  • Cllr Neary and all who helped organise the event
  • Rachel Belton and Rosie who helped organise the sale of cakes
  • All our supporters who provided the amazing cakes for the event
  • Posted: 28th November 2022