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Temple Cloud Village Hall, Coronavirus update.


The latest details from the government:

For groups allowed to operate under the new restrictions, the Hall will remain open to covid secure organisations.


The Parish Council have agreed in their July meeting to partially open the village hall to allow organisations that are COVID-19 secure to hire the venue. These organistation need to provide a risk assessment to demonstrate that they are able to comply with government guidelines. A draft guide as been published pending final approval of the Council, which can be reviewed here:


Following the government advice on codonavirus to avoid unnecessary social contact and to avoid gathering in groups, we are temporarily closing the village hall. We appreciate how difficult this situation is for our hirers and the local community and we ask our hirers to refer to and follow the government guidelines. We will review the situation regularly to see when it is suitable to reopen.

Booking fees can be returned without any cancellation fees. You may also postpone your refund and booking to a future date. If you ask us to postpone, the offer of a refund still stands if you still have to cancel due to the coronavirus situation.

The Hall will be made available for meetings or events necessary to assist with efforts to alleviate the effects of the virus outbreak.

When the circumstances improve, we would very much welcome your bookings again. If it will help, you are also welcome to make future provisional bookings to reserve the date on the same understanding that if they need to be cancelled due to government guidelines, we will not require payment.

We would insist that all users of the hall consider their usage and act with regard to the health and wellbeing of their groups and the community.

  • Posted: 5th November 2020