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Parish Council Statement


It is recognised that there is an expectation amongst Parishioners that the Village Hall falls under the remit of the Parish Council. Up to this point, the Village Hall has been owned by the Parish Council but managed entirely by a separate committee as part of a lease agreement. The Parish Council recognise the lease dated 18th April 1996, title number AV120512 governs the basis of the present Temple Cloud Village Hall Project occupancy. The Parish Council has sought advice in relation to their position and have considered their obligations to ensure that the Village Hall remains a long term and sustainable community asset available to all. A number of issues have been recognised by the Parish Council which included: the range of clubs and groups presently using the Village Hall compared to other Halls in neighbouring Villages, the last accounts reported to the Charity Commission and presented at the recent AGM, that the lease is a fully insuring and maintaining lease but that at present this obligation is not being met by the current committee nor any plan to raise funds for the future. Concerns have also been made surrounding anti-social behaviour, alcohol consumption at 18th birthday parties, littering after parties including nitrous oxide canisters and litter left following the 18th birthday party on New Year’s Eve. Questions have also been raised around the longer term possible implications for licencing and whether parties at the Village Hall were being suitably supervised. Furthermore, the need for improvements to the Village Hall carpark is recognised. The Parish Council indicated at the November 2016 Parish Council meeting that they support a new surface to the carpark and appropriate lighting in principle. The Parish Council have access to Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money which can be spent on mitigating the impact of the development and are now in receipt of one third of the total monies due with two further instalments due in September 2017 and March 2018. The Parish Council are coming to the end of a period of consultation where Parishioners have been invited to suggest how this money could best be spent. The Parish Council could use CIL money for the purpose of improving the carpark and feel best place to manage rojects of such scale. In addition, the Parish Council are able to reclaim VAT for any work they carry out and achieve maximum value from the CIL money in this respect. Improvements to the interior have also been requested by the current committee and will also be reviewed. At the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 11th January 2017 it was determined that the Parish Council wished to improve the management of the Village Hall for the benefit of the Parish. After reviewing a number of options available, the Parish Council’s preferred option was to manage the Village Hall and associated carpark themselves. Having sought advice, the Parish Council have determined that they have the right to bring the lease to an end. The Parish Council have now written to all six Trustees of the current Village Hall Committee (Temple Cloud Village Hall Project charity number 1053501) and have set a date of Friday 28th July 2017 (six months’ notice) to terminate the lease and for handover procedures to be completed unless the Village Hall Committee wish to complete a transfer sooner and another date is agreed. At this point the Parish Council will take full responsibility for the management of the Village Hall and Carpark facility. The Village Hall will then be run by a Parish Council led Committee. The Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been part of the Village Hall Committee past and present over the past twenty years and recognise the great effort that has gone into running the Village Hall for the benefit of the whole community. The Parish Council intend to successfully manage the Village Hall for the benefit of the whole community inclusive to all and ensure that the Village Hall remains a real asset for the community. Jenny Howell (Parish Clerk) on behalf of Cameley Parish Council.                                                                             30th January 2017
  • Posted: 30th January 2017

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