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The Historian – A History of Local Occupations

The Historian – A history of local occupations by Michael Flower

Part 1 – Bricks Wheels and Horseshoes

On the site of the Paulmont Rise estate a Brickworks was founded by Mr. Hippisley about 1860 and traded until about 1890. It was not a commercial success in the long term. The bricks would have been handmade …..

  • Posted: 12th November 2020

Pump Track: Please tell us your views….

About this Project Following community feedback and in response to a community led poll on facebook, the Parish Council would like your views on installing a pump track on part of the playing field. This would be part funded by funds raised from past local developments (Community Intrastructure Levy), part of the funds would come … Read more

  • Posted: 8th November 2020

Temple Cloud Village Hall, Coronavirus update.

5/11/2020: The latest details from the government: For groups allowed to operate under the new restrictions, the Hall will remain open to covid secure organisations. 24/7/2020: The Parish Council have agreed in their July meeting to partially open the village hall to allow organisations that are COVID-19 secure to hire the venue. These organistation … Read more

  • Posted: 5th November 2020