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Electricity Renewal Quotes

If we are not renewing, we need to opt-out by the end of FebPrices can change daily, so any resolution would need to be flexible to the latest equivalent offerRecommendation – go for current supplier, either cheaper 1 year fix, or slightly more 3 year fix – see highlighted options in green below. Current Supplier … Read more

  • Posted: 4th February 2021

Interim internal audit report – Year ended 31 March 2021

Recommendations |
The Council reviews and documents its investment strategy | Councillors currently have sight of supporting documentation for all payments before authorising them …. Evidence of approval of invoices should be obtained | The Council should review, update and adopt the risk assessment before 31 March 2021. | Based on the tests I have carried out at this interim internal audit visit, in my view, the internal control procedures in operation are, in all significant respects, adequate to meet the needs of Temple Cloud with Cameley Parish Council.

  • Posted: 3rd February 2021


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  • Posted: 27th September 2020