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Pollution Monitor Report

Several years ago this Parish Council contacted B&NES about whether Air Pollution on the A37 could be monitored. The B&NES Environmental Protection Team at the time confirmed that the A37 had been included in their review and assessment work but had not been identified as an area of concern as they had previously had monitoring in Pensford which was 31 µg/m3 in 2012 (this is below the Government’s Objective of 40 µg/m3). The current Parish Council requested further action from B&NES Council to assess the situation during April 2016. Due to the concerns raised by the current Parish Council, B&NES Council agreed to install a diffusion tube monitor on the A37 where the road narrowed. The results of the initial assessment period indicated high levels of Nitrogen Dioxide which was surprising even to B&NES Council. An additional four diffusion tubes were installed as a result so that a more comprehensive study could be undertaken which would better inform the boundary of the high levels of pollution. The full results from the additional diffusion tubes became available during early May 2017 and the Parish Council invited the B&NES Environmental Protection Team to attend the Parish Council Meeting to explain the results to parishioners and the further action they would be taking as a result. At the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on 10th May 2017, Cathryn Brown, Team Manager for Licencing and Environmental Protection, Aled Williams, Environmental Protection Team Manager and Dr Nicola Courthold, Senior Public Protection Officer (all from B&NES Council) were welcomed to the Parish Council Meeting. A presentation was made on the data obtained from the diffusion tubes and what further action B&NES Council will be taking. Levels of Pollution

Key findings

  • Locations within Temple Cloud exceed the Government’s annual mean objectives for Nitrogen Dioxide.
  • B&NES Council will declare an Air Quality Management Area for Temple Cloud.
  • A Public Consultation will be run and an Air Quality Action Plan published.
The full presentation made at the meeting can be found here. The Parish Council are concerned about the high levels of Nitrogen Dioxide and the implications this has for residents. The Parish Council is committed to ensuring that all residents are kept informed of developments as the public consultation is undertaken and will liaise closely with the Team at B&NES Council as the matter is progressed. Cathryn Brown and Team welcome questions, comments and dialog with residents. You can contact the team by email at:  
  • Posted: 20th May 2017

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