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Pollution Monitor Update

We have just received a new update from Environmental Monitoring at Bath and North East Somerset Council regarding the data obtained from the Pollution Monitor installed in Temple Cloud.Initially there was some suggestion that data may be available as early as end of October 2016 however we now know this is not the case. BANES do not provide results based on an individual months data as they may not give a true representation of the annual mean.  The Local Air Quality Management Technical Guidance (LAQM.TG(16)) recommends a minimum of 3 months monitoring data.  For Temple Cloud, the 3 months monitoring will be completed at the end of November 2016, the results take approximately 1 month to come through.  Therefore BANES council will be reviewing the data in January 2017.  This will be discussed at the Parish Council Meeting as soon as we know more and the item will be added to the agenda to update you when it will be discussed. Previous update The department have reviewed the data collected and the levels being returned are ‘high’. The Council have also become aware of a flue close to the location which may be influencing the site and in addition there have also been roadworks close to the location of the monitor which again may have had an impact on the data and results being returned. As a result of the data collected from the single monitor, Bath and North East Somerset Council have installed a further four monoitors at intervals along the A37 between Temple Inn Lane and East Court Road to complete a more detailed assessment of the area. Bath and North East Somerset Council will review the new sites once they have data from three months of monitoring (January 2017) but will continue to monitor for a minimum of six months before any final decision on whether an Air Quality Management Area is necessary. The Parish Council will keep you updated and will ensure that any further updates will be added to this site as and when the results are received. If you have any further questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact the Clerk.
  • Posted: 2nd October 2016

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