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Temple Cloud Pump Track Tesco Fundraising

We currently have fundraising bins at Tescos in the following locations: Tescos Express- Saltford and Longwell Green and Keynsham superstore. Please if you shop out that way- could you vote for us- this is open until 30th June. The maximum votes will give us £1500 towards the build.

We currently have £40K and need £60K to build the track we think will be appropriate for the village. We have completed a tender process for the supplier and have committed to a deadline date for raising funds of the end of July 2022. To help with this we have 3 grant applications for which we are hopeful and the aforementioned Tescos bins.

We intend to complete a Crowdfunder in due course as well as see if anyone can help with some of the items for the build to reduce the costs. If you know anyone who can help with the following items please get in touch with the parish council

  • Excavators 13t and 8t for 2 weeks
  • RC Trench compactor for 2 weeks
  • Type 1 aggregate 1000 tonnes
  • 505 Type B Drainage Aggregate
  • 20 tonnes Haras fencing, 50 panels for 3 weeks
  • Turf 385 m2
  • Site welfare for 3 weeks

Thank you for your help

  • Created: 10/5/2022