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Gillets Lane Road Traffic Mirror

A request has been received to install a road safety mirror on the Cameley Green for vehicles/ambulances exiting Gillets Lane. This lane is very difficult for vehicles to see oncoming traffic when entering the road. Vehicles have to enter the road before they can actually see traffic. Initial observations: Two locations were checked and photographed … Read more

  • Posted: 5th October 2021

2021-10 LCAS Foundation Level Award Application Evidence

The Council confirms by resolution that it recognises its duties in relation to bio-diversity and crime and disorder and that all documentation and information is in place for a specified awardDoes the council meet this requirement?    Hyperlink to council resolution: you meet these criteria?Where are these published online?Its standing ordersYes financial regulationsYes Code of … Read more

  • Posted: 5th October 2021

2021-10 Report on Temple Cloud Shop and Assets of Community Value

Introduction and Community Support The Parish Council has received requests from local residents by email to consider submitting an application to BANES to list the Temple Cloud shop (Central Convenience Stores) as an asset of community value. If the application is successful, this does not necessarily mean that the operation of the shop is affected … Read more

  • Posted: 5th October 2021

2021-10 Double Yellow Lines Proposals

Proposal for Temple Inn Lane The Parish Council is aiming to increase parking spaces available on Temple Inn Lane in order to reduce parking in other areas, such as Brandown Close. The Parish Council is also aiming to slow down traffic along Temple Inn Lane. The Parish Council asked BANES for some proposals that would … Read more

  • Posted: 4th October 2021

Scheme of Delegation

The Councils Scheme of Delegation authorises the Clerk to the Council/Responsible Finance Officer and Standing Committees to act with delegated authority in the specific circumstances detailed.